Bangla writing adding
I have tried to write bangla, with Google supported font. It showed ok in Edit panel. But in Project panel it broken. If u allow to add bangla writings it will give a vast opportunity with Bangla (Bengali) community pf Bangladesh and Kolkata (India).

hasan shared this idea 08/02/20 18:30
Md. Shirajul Islam 18/04/20 16:29
I vote for this Bangla Fonts ... Its should be added to support all kind of Unicode fonts please, Thanks
Mainul Islam 31/08/20 14:14
I strongly support this request. I was playing around with the Bangla font but the text was getting broken. Then I came here and found this thread. Thank you Hasan.
Borhan Uddin 29/05/20 15:25
I tried using Google fonts and it was not shown properly on screen and in rendered version. I bought it for Bangla animation after talking to Toonly support. Need Bangla fonts support soon.
SBM Soikot 11/06/20 19:26
This is needed, without being able to use Bangla font my enterprise edition become 40% useless