Adjust animation length, drag and drop in timeline
When a character has multiple animations, the ability to adjust how long they last in the settings when you right click. Currently the whole timeline moves and to make changes once you've added other elements is challenging.

Christine Dunbar shared this idea 23/03/19 12:47
Melissa Chastain 26/03/19 15:36
Steve 27/03/19 14:57
KARUNA RAJAGOPAL 23/04/19 17:36
Yes this was really frustrating, we are forced to remove the poses just to adjust the timing of the previous poses.
Steven Chernikeeff 29/04/19 08:21
good idea
Mikkel Stanley Nielsen 30/04/19 20:17
I agree
Mikkel Stanley Nielsen 01/05/19 11:16
This feature is necessary to make the program more professional
Craig Brain 04/05/19 00:38
I am finding the timeline drag method to synchronise times between objects and characters awkward - it relies upon visually lining up items on the timeline. The option to set exact times by right clicking on a character's timeline and setting it for 0.3 seconds to 11.4 seconds and the like would be very useful.
Admin 25/05/19 13:45
Now, you can extend or shrink the animation duration in a sequence without a hassle. To do this, you will want to hold the “alt” key down and drag at the beginning or the end of the animation in the timeline that you wish to extend or shrink.
Jorge Villalba 19/05/20 06:49
yajif faouzi 10/04/21 17:55
oke good