Ability to select or change hair/skin/clothing
The ability to modify colors would give us almost unlimited amount of characters!

Kelley Briceno shared this idea 30/03/19 10:38
Steve 30/03/19 18:51
Steve 30/03/19 18:51
Sherry Lamberth 17/04/19 11:14
Juan Rodriguez 25/04/19 23:13
thumbs up
MIke 02/05/19 18:58
It would be a great feature.
Sara Scott 03/05/19 19:25
Melanie Moore 28/07/19 19:33
Yes please! And the option of changing colour of clothes.
Michelle Pouwels 21/10/19 13:20
Would love this!!
HERNAN BONFIGLIO 23/11/19 01:47
It. Is very important to customize characters... or the chance that we can download a character, customize...and upload.
JenEece Phillips 28/11/19 10:41
This thread should probably be merge with this one https://www.toonly.com/requests/home/idea/100/character-creation-mode
Roland Ruckstuhl 23/02/20 14:24
This would be perfect, especially for users in Europe. There is just a poor amount of blonde Characters in Toonly.
Scott Levy 06/04/20 14:44
yes! Please!
Maitri Lorenzo Ventura 18/04/20 22:16
berd 17/05/20 16:13
Suway Blaylock 12/08/20 14:33
This would absolutely be amazing! If we had the ability to customize the characters as stated above with the click of a button for the shades/colors available for each option: skin color, body type, hair color/style: hair down, in a bun, ponytail, braid, spiked, combover, clothing options: tops: tanks, tshirt, long sleeve, jackets, Hoodies, bottoms: shorts, capris, leggings/jeans, dresses, suits. Shoes: barefoot, sneakers, heels, sandals/slides/flip flops, Boots: ankle/ mid/tall/work boots... maybe even some extra accessories: bows, scarves, watches, hats (baseball/SnapBack/beanies/ etc..), bicycle helmet, motorcycle helmet.. etc. I believe if these were options, everyone could really take their Toony to the next level being able to showcase the time of year/weather or work/daily activities specifically according to their wardrobes would really be beneficial.
Raphael de Carvalho Palma FIlho 26/07/20 14:58
It would really help if I could change de character hair/skin/clothing/expressions for my south american perspective
Michael Ensermo 05/07/20 23:35
I did not read all the ideas but this is exactly what I asked for a few minutes ago. Just a few changes indeed in skin tones, hair maybe eyes and clothing would make the character set unlimited!
Creative.CEO 25/06/20 04:13
I think there is a character creator suggestion already, please vote for that one and comment also!
Admin 29/06/21 07:17
This is now possible with the latest version of Toonly - https://support.toonly.com/en/support/solutions/articles/35000154832-can-i-customize-my-toonly-characters-
Laurel Sunderman 30/11/20 22:23
Yes! This would be so helpful!!
Marius Tamdjo 24/10/20 03:50