Text-To-Speech Feature
If you can add Amazon Polly's Text-to-Speech capability, Toonly and/or Doodly will be way ahead of other video creation software.

HC Loh shared this idea 29/03/19 14:43
Mike Rosales 21/04/19 18:59
oh hell yeah
Timothy Stuart 02/05/19 18:01
This would be a MUST if I could decide LOVE THE IDEA as some of us do not have the voice suitable for such voice-overs
MIke 07/08/19 22:55
If Toonly adds this feature, the sale of toonly will increase exponentially.
Evgeny 31/08/19 14:54
I like the idea too
Julie 18/11/19 15:57
Irvin Yeo 21/11/19 15:47
Anthony Goss 28/11/19 14:02
I would prefer Google Wavenet voices to Amazon Polly as they sounds more human.
Julie 06/03/20 18:24
riana 24/03/20 03:32
This will be awesome -seeing that this feature thread started early 2019 - any ideas around when we can expect some good news around this?
Dushan missaka 21/04/20 15:57
Yes Please give us update to this
Kamil 28/04/20 21:02
The reason for not buying it. It doesn’t have text to speech. Never seen an animation software without it
Prashant Solanki 14/05/20 08:23
I would discontinue with Toonly if thih feature is not considered and implemented.
MIke 13/09/20 02:32
MIke 13/09/20 02:31
I have stop creating toonly videos because it takes to long to create video and try to add the pre-recorded VOICE from other software. I will use Toonly again if they add Text-to-speech. For example, https://doodlemaker.com/live/ and https://www.vyond.com/plans/
Ziad 27/05/20 04:34
Very important feature would love to see it implemented asap in Toonly!
Admin 30/06/21 18:48
This function is now possible with the use of Talkia - https://www.talkia.com/
Pmal beW 30/06/21 05:53
Yeah, other softwares have this feature included.
Ariya Trisirivattwat 04/06/21 06:20
This is what I was looking for when I bought explaning presentation VDO software, I didn't want to use my voice. I hope this will be developed soon.
Kewl 28/03/21 22:40
Absolutely would be great to have this feature
Parvez 07/02/21 18:20
This is a must feature, the software is incomplete without this feature.
William Arvai 10/02/21 14:03
nope, they already have a program with all these features, voice to text, shapes, masking and more. it would be great for toonly developers to examine there competitors and add a lot of these features. i like the add a scene which keeps the timeline clean after first scene. i think they are late comers to the game
Stephen Ford 12/01/21 15:27
I would prefer Google wavenet voices. But anything would be great
Derrick 11/11/20 10:12
i saw many other video creation software. they seems to have text to speech included. it would be great to see this features included in the newer release.