ability to rotate objects
I feel like this would be a really simple feature to add, but it would be great to be able to rotate objects like in Doodly!

Brandon Heffernan shared this idea 29/03/19 13:29
Colleen Parsons 17/04/19 23:12
David Grilec 19/04/19 10:36
I agree with Brandon. This feature would allow for far more flexibility.
Shani Topaz 23/04/19 06:43
YES, its important feature!
Danny van Rijt 01/05/19 10:16
Yeah, this would be great. Next to objects also the possibility to rotate texts
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:33
George Parker 12/05/19 06:45
I agree. It would be great to be able to rotate objects while placing them. And also to be able to animate rotation using keyframes.
Mandeep Choudhary 16/08/19 10:55
Scott Levy 06/04/20 14:46
hope this means to turn them sideways, turn their back, etc., right? Definitely voting for this!