Lip Sync with other Animations
Hi team , Please integrate / add feature of Lip Sync with other animation like hand-movements while talking in lip sync or talking on the phone and giving a lip sync to it. Currently character stands still and only lips move...which kind of look funny we dont stand absolute still and talk . So if character can do some action while talking it would be more alive and look awesome !! Looking forward for this feature / integration Regards Sammeer Sumantt

Sammeer Sumantt shared this idea 21/11/19 17:30
Ken Quismundo 30/12/19 01:35
I agree. I'd like my characters to be able to, for example, (1) sit, (2) wave hands, and (3) talk (lip synced), all at the same time! I'd like these for animal objects, too. But you need to convert the animal objects into characters first. Thanks.
Trayci McConville 21/03/20 01:09
I constantly look for this feature. Talking and explaining actions with the lip sync
Emanuelle Sousa dos Santos 17/04/20 21:57
And also they look at other characters while they speak, to look like a dialogue.
Shoobana Silva 14/05/20 16:07
This would be so great and useful!!! So the characters would be more natural and alive.
Neil F Stewart 29/08/20 04:28
Yes. Basically add lip sync to every character regardless of what they're doing except those wearing masks - I guess. :-)
Charles Gibbons 20/08/20 08:56
Characters need to come "alive"! Adding lip-sync functionality to other "poses" will make this a possibility... Great software, but tedious to do this with "external software"...
Brian Trammo 20/06/20 20:24
This feature would make my videos a whole lot better.
Manuel Perez 24/06/20 03:40
Peter Thomas 22/07/21 09:47
I agree, I find it frustrating that I cant lip synch characters with the presentation or pointing animation
Michael Contreras Giha 30/07/21 23:48
I agree! This would be a great addition to toonly, hands movement or even walking or performing more actions while talking.
Simon Batchelor 01/08/21 13:43
I agree - a thing that would greatly enhance Toonly
Ariya Trisirivattwat 29/05/21 01:03
I work so hard on my explain video but my manager deny my prrsent bec they told character look so sad.
Roshan Ali 25/05/21 12:18
Toonly need this features badly. This feature is not available in toonly, it made me extremely disappointed. Please add this feature.
Vanessa wong 31/01/21 09:07
so looking forward to this feature!
Karen Nijst 19/12/20 08:52
I agree as well!