Lip sync for Objects
The lip sync for characters is great. Please would you consider activating it for Objects, too? Very handy... would allow an object to have some "life". As you know, there are artists (on your FB page) offering to make characters from photos. But, as they are actually Objects, lip sync isn't possible. This would be a great advantage to the many of us who need special characters and would love them to "speak".

Barry Smith shared this idea 23/10/19 16:34
Jan Noot 30/10/19 13:53
Jan Noot 30/10/19 13:54
I am out of votes unfortunately, but this is a really nice idea too!
Imthiyas Jawfar 01/11/19 12:05
Please consider this idea
Judith Melisi 28/11/19 01:45
I want a cute animal, like a bird to talk
nopanun anuratana 18/04/20 07:13
Pls add lovely animals as character .
Roshan Ali 25/05/21 12:17
Yes please add this.