Lip Syn in sitting and mobile phone mode
The lip sync is good but need to be extended to other actions such as sitting and on mobile phone.

Andrew Carter shared this idea 16/10/19 20:48
JUNE OKANOYA 17/05/20 05:17
I have the same demands as him! Many users will create presentation videos. So I hope each character talking or speaking while they act something. Please make to set the double or triple setting action for each character.
Ron Josef 21/05/20 14:42
So valuable
Charles Gibbons 20/08/20 08:52
Needs to be extended as an option when characters are working on laptop/sitting/searching/hands to waist/drinking wine/comparing items. These are "natural" positions for a "person" to talk to someone - not natural having a "standing only" or "presentation" position only available.
Mike Cahill 07/07/20 05:03
Definitely a great idea
Admin 29/06/21 19:59
A similar request already exists. Please give it an upvote here: https://www.toonly.com/requests/home/idea/796/lip-sync-with-other-animations
Yasser Tamer 30/05/21 14:38