Characters of PWSN (People with special needs)
Would love to have some characters like a blind person (with sunglasses and white cane) plus the blind person running with a guide connected with the tether (would be great if we could see the vest with the writing Blind Runner and Guide for the guide), as well the same on a tandem bike, guide in front blind person on the back. Thank you in advance Jakob (do let me know if you need some more information)

Jakob Bader shared this idea 27/03/19 06:38
Shawna N.M. Barnes 16/04/19 00:24
Adding characters with different disabilities would be great. A person in a wheelchair, using a cane, etc.
Lisa A Bello 27/04/19 00:20
In addition to the original request made: I would LOVE to have a character with a prosthetic limb and another in a wheelchair. It would be extremely helpful to be more inclusive in our training videos.
Cleopatra James 25/06/19 00:33
Adding characters with special needs would be wonderful. I want to see a boy/girl/man and woman in wheelchair or with a cane.
Alana Ridley 05/08/19 05:19
I'm looking to create a whole series of Toonly videos around the Aged Care/ Disability Sector so this would be incredible!
Shannon Ballance 05/09/19 23:01
Would love to see characters with various abilities for creating required regulatory training (accessibility policies for corporations, etc.)
Karla Fitch 01/10/19 19:47
And children with special needs too!