Multiple key frames
Be able to have an OBJECT perform multiple move instances via multiple key frames.

Andy Grow shared this idea 23/03/19 09:21
Luci Rangel 26/03/19 01:49 flag comment
Steve 27/03/19 14:56 flag comment
Andrew Carter 27/03/19 17:37 flag comment
This would be most beneficial, give users more options for a specific animation or self imported GIF.
Bill Fry 20/04/19 01:10 flag comment
This would be a good idea and would add more value to the program.
Stuart Pullar 24/04/19 03:04 flag comment
This would be a great addition. Even if it was limited say 6 total key frames this would help a lot to create smooth transitions - say an arc (throwing a ball).
Ismael Melendres III 30/04/19 11:57 flag comment
This should be the highest priority. Having objects move and stop allows us more control on where the audience should focus next.
Geren Clifton Ambrose 03/05/19 18:34 flag comment
great ideal!
Karen Loftus 06/05/19 22:40 flag comment
Usman 14/05/19 21:49 flag comment
Yes, keyframes are a must we need to be able to move objects around
David Block 25/05/19 18:33 flag comment
Great to already have multi-key framing abilities in the camera movement, but would also be crucial for animation of objects, et al.
Orlando Isacco Nelson 16/06/19 08:31 flag comment
It's so essential! Weird you have it for characters but not for items. A car moves in traffic from left to right and you want it to park. You cant do that! Silly it can't!
Carlos Garcia 24/07/19 06:46 flag comment
Yes, this is very useful and maybe it's not that complicated to implement
Claudio Mennecozzi 29/07/19 17:53 flag comment
This would be of premiere importance. As of now I add the object multiple times to have it stop and animate again, but it's such a pain!
andrew finnestad 08/08/19 04:06 flag comment
yes this would be great, perhaps being able to add paths (curves, or custom)
Els Tan 10/08/19 10:53 flag comment
Great idea.
Jan Noot 06/09/19 09:35 flag comment
A Must Have feature!
hung 02/10/19 08:46 flag comment
This is crucial for my cartoon stories video. Please add this function as soon as possible. right now I have to manually add the same objects multiple times to get to effect. which is a chore.
Barry Smith 28/10/19 13:01 flag comment
Or, if that's a technical problem, at least be able to add another instance of that Object in the Timeline that picks up the attributes of the previous instance... much as in the same way that Characters do.
Christine Stahl 09/01/20 13:15 flag comment
I actually spoke with Tech support to ask if this was possible because I had something moving and wanted it to stop and stay there for the rest of the scene
Sabina Iordache 23/01/20 15:42 flag comment
much needed!
Patrick Gule 23/03/20 09:15 flag comment
This is much needed. The idea is one year old. When will it happen?
Michael D 30/03/20 05:12 flag comment
Just a thought. While 'compare 'items' animation is not able to have selectable objects, this could be a temp solution. Objects could be made to follow the hands
Claudio 09/04/20 10:13 flag comment
I agree, that should be useful
Prabhu Atluri 22/04/20 11:10 flag comment
Yes need it to make life easy. now its time consumption to drag same object so many times.
Jed Cahill 24/04/20 10:03 flag comment
Roger Upton 09/07/20 09:47 flag comment
I support anything that improves the creation of non-linear movement - multiple key frames; non-linear paths; etc. This would provide a more efficient way to build in more realistic movement effects.
Rossel Onayan 13/06/20 05:33 flag comment
Preston Odenbrett 16/06/20 22:18 flag comment
Yes anytime you do animation- Keyframes are needed- the more the better but you also need in-between frames as well.
Lawrence Traub 14/10/20 14:51 flag comment
Totally agree. I have several scenes that could make use of this instead of having to have multiples of the same object to do the task.