Scene length
Right now a scene is defaulted to 4.3 seconds and you cannot make this less. This makes it difficult to line up to a voiceover if a segment is less than this amount. We should have the ability to make a scene as short as we want even down to 1 second. We may want a fast scene to scene motion.

Arnie Deltoff shared this idea 27/03/19 00:48
Jonn Kutyla 05/04/19 20:06
You can get around this by grabbing a screen shot of the background and placing it in as a object. By doing that, you can bring it done to a 1 second scene.
Arnie Deltoff 09/04/19 05:10
Grabbing a screen shot is not the answer. should not be restrained to default 4.3 seconds.
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:45
Agreed. This is a basic function to me, it should be there.