Custom fonts
Will be great if we can import custom fonts like in doodly

Bahram Hasanov shared this idea 23/03/19 07:33
Christine Dunbar 24/03/19 14:41
Steve 27/03/19 14:57
Amy Schrock 27/03/19 21:13
Dennis Devine 04/06/19 18:19
Add strokes to fonts to help define and improve views
Nhoung Raya 02/08/19 11:07
Dear Sir/Madam, I am so much interested in Toonly and I would like to request you to add Khmer Unicode Fonts in your software so that you can reach another 1 or 2 million customers from Cambodia. Currently the number of internet users from Cambodia is about 7 millions, so it may be one of the most unique customers for Toonly. Thanks
Carlos Javier Martínez Gallo 19/09/19 22:54
Respaldo esta idea de permitirnos subir nuestras fuentes personalizadas, es necesarios para mejorar sustancialmente el diseño de textos implementado en los vídeos
LoriDawn Messuri 07/02/20 02:25
Not sure if this software will work for me if I cannot import custom fonts & colors for branding purposes, is this possible or will it be?
Andres Felipe Moreno De Avila 13/05/20 15:00
Is there any way to remove the uploaded fonts?
Unicode Animate 05/01/21 02:53
I also fact the problem about Unicode import font same like user Nhoung Raya 02/08/19 11:07 request, I send the question to the support they just redirect me to this room. I bought the software last 2days, my problem now is import unicode font is not working when we use the vowels in the sentence. Toonly support recommend me to make a text graphic and import to the software, I also can do but it is not smart way because in the software we exist the text label insert but currently it is not working with Unicode font, please help to update