Custom fonts
Will be great if we can import custom fonts like in doodly

Bahram Hasanov shared this idea 23/03/19 07:33
Steve 27/03/19 14:57 flag comment
Amy Schrock 27/03/19 21:13 flag comment
Dennis Devine 04/06/19 18:19 flag comment
Add strokes to fonts to help define and improve views
Nhoung Raya 02/08/19 11:07 flag comment
Dear Sir/Madam, I am so much interested in Toonly and I would like to request you to add Khmer Unicode Fonts in your software so that you can reach another 1 or 2 million customers from Cambodia. Currently the number of internet users from Cambodia is about 7 millions, so it may be one of the most unique customers for Toonly. Thanks
Carlos Javier Martínez Gallo 19/09/19 22:54 flag comment
Respaldo esta idea de permitirnos subir nuestras fuentes personalizadas, es necesarios para mejorar sustancialmente el diseño de textos implementado en los vídeos