Ability to edit character animations
It would be useful if we were able to tamper with the preset animations. For example, if I want someone to hold something out in from of them, the closest animation I could select is handshake (and then place the object in his hand), but then it looks weird because he's still moving his hand up and down while he's holding something. Also, when using the comparing items action, it looks really weird being able to see those two little boxes on each of his hands. You can't really place objects to cover them because he's moving his hands constantly while comparing, so it would be useful to either be able to make him hold still or delete those little boxes.

Brandon Heffernan shared this idea 26/03/19 16:12
Funda Lena 23/04/19 15:11
I agree.
Jose Figarella 08/08/19 03:55
I was trying to do a wedding animation and it was a little hard to do the ring when the hand animation kept moving. It would be great to just do a reach animation.
Mandeep Choudhary 16/08/19 10:56
Mandeep Choudhary 16/08/19 10:57
Kris Kembel 05/10/19 03:11
This would be incredible! Imagine what we could create if we could custom animate characters movements. All we really need is a ragdoll model to drag around on a timeline and have it create a gif to be inserted I to the animation.
Valerie 09/03/20 08:39
I would like to see us able to define which objects the characters are comparing/holding. **For comparing: We should be able to define in a dropdown any object from the object list. Better still, a dialog could allow us to also define the size of the object being compared. **For holding: Perhaps we could define which object is being held (e.g., any from the object list) as well as the object's size, and the location to which it's being held, e.g.,: - to the eye (as in the camera) - to the ear (as in the phone, or a stereo) - at the side of the body (as in the trophy)
Iqra Mushtaq 03/04/20 16:55
Yes please add this feature
Iqra Mushtaq 03/09/20 15:28
Yeah I also want this
Alicia Thomas-Woolf 26/08/20 13:37
Great idea!
Admin 29/06/21 06:40
A similar request already exists. Please give it an upvote here: https://www.toonly.com/requests/home/idea/164/character-customization
Michael Woodford 04/11/20 17:47
Yes please!