Character - Baby and Toddlers
There weren't baby characters nor toddlers available. Can we have some of these characters?

LEE JIN WEN shared this idea 13/06/19 09:03
Aldrin Castillo 09/07/19 09:08
Definitely need some baby characters and toddlers.
Eric Kung 22/09/19 09:26
Bumping this idea We need baby and toddler we have hospital, but we do not have baby!
Karla Fitch 01/10/19 19:39
I work in the children and family field. We need children who actually LOOK like children. Half of the "boys" and "girls" just look like small versions of the adult graphics!
James Reynolds 03/10/19 14:02
Can't do sketch as have not baby nor toddler characters.
Christoph Högl 05/05/20 15:09
Suway Blaylock 12/08/20 14:39
Yesss!!! Please! Babies, toddlers, kids, teens, children that we can add along with customizing their skin color/ outfits/ and expressions. The ability to throw something (we all know kids and their tantrums) This would really help showcase everyday parent life/ or a work environment giving us the ability to relate to our viewers.
Denae Calmes 29/05/20 23:26
Also, please create a holding action for adult characters to carry babies
Hemant Pandey 19/05/21 12:08
Requesting to please add baby(Toodlers) characters at least 1 Boy & 1 Girl in the Standard license, Shifted from Doodly to Toonly just because of animation but now I can see I don't have any toodler characters to use, The video's which I will be creating from toonly will be for a parenting website, and newborn, preschoolers are the main characters I want to use.