View scene transitions
Have the ability to see the scene transition before choosing eg. by hovering over - so you can see what each looks like instead of trial and error.

Arnie Deltoff shared this idea 25/03/19 21:28
Sovann 17/04/19 11:51
Shelly Ossa 20/04/19 15:11
Yes please
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:44
Yes, with thumbnails for example.
Francesse Joy J. Cordon-Navarro 07/07/20 19:37
+1 vote. Yes please. It's so hard to add transitions at the moment. A quick webpage showing a preview of the different transitions would be helpful, in case integrating it right away into the software is too time-consuming vis-a-vis other requests.
Varun Luthra 11/11/20 08:15
100% agreed
Jonathan O Neill 09/11/20 21:17