Add basic poses
Add more poses like sit, lie, sleep for example

Arnie Deltoff shared this idea 25/03/19 21:26
Steve 27/03/19 15:00 flag comment
Guenter Steppich 02/04/19 22:32 flag comment
I would appreciate that, too. For my kind of educational videos, those poses plus typing on a mobile phone, taking a selfie etc. are essential.
Sean Carribon 03/04/19 14:35 flag comment
I totally agree..... having backgrounds like cafes, offices and parks where you cant manipulate the characters is a bummer. Such beautiful landscapes could be utilized even more skillfully with posed characters
Richard Genck 06/04/19 17:56 flag comment
This is one of the most important things Toonly can do!! Eating, drinking, talking on a phone, things like that
Mikkel Stanley Nielsen 01/05/19 11:15 flag comment
Yes! The more the better!
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:16 flag comment
Indeed, the more the better! Mobile uses are for me essential: phone ringing, typing sms, playing game, watching a video, hang up call, answer call, just hold the phone in both hands, hold the phone in one hand, and so on :) And also, please also do their tablet variations.
Y Dear 23/05/19 06:16 flag comment
sitting on the floor would also be really useful
Jan Noot 28/05/19 11:46 flag comment
Also, I'd like to have persons seen from behind (either sitting, walking etc.). Now everybody is staring in the camera...
Yevgen Y 07/02/20 05:34 flag comment
would love to see pointing pose too
Valerie 09/03/20 08:42 flag comment
Valerie 09/03/20 08:42 flag comment
Yes, sitting and standing, from behind would be extremely useful.
Valerie 09/03/20 08:59 flag comment
Talking (without lip syncing), this would be to allow supporting characters to simulate background conversation
Allison Champion 01/05/20 15:10 flag comment
Would love characters to be able to lie down, climb and sit on floor.
Christoph Högl 05/05/20 15:10 flag comment
Choong Zi Ying 06/05/20 23:48 flag comment
Benjamin M. Goo 24/05/20 15:08 flag comment
Love this! Also - maybe praying as an animation or pose as well?
José Ernesto Molina Leiva 29/05/20 22:27 flag comment
Include more common carácter movments, such as, people paying with cash or crédit card, people washing their hands or bathing, and people sleeping, for example.
Rebeca Rios Polastri 27/11/20 15:31 flag comment
Si son básicos