Add basic poses
Add more poses like sit, lie, sleep for example

Arnie Deltoff shared this idea 25/03/19 21:26
Steve 27/03/19 15:00
Guenter Steppich 02/04/19 22:32
I would appreciate that, too. For my kind of educational videos, those poses plus typing on a mobile phone, taking a selfie etc. are essential.
Sean Carribon 03/04/19 14:35
I totally agree..... having backgrounds like cafes, offices and parks where you cant manipulate the characters is a bummer. Such beautiful landscapes could be utilized even more skillfully with posed characters
Richard Genck 06/04/19 17:56
This is one of the most important things Toonly can do!! Eating, drinking, talking on a phone, things like that
Mikkel Stanley Nielsen 01/05/19 11:15
Yes! The more the better!
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:16
Indeed, the more the better! Mobile uses are for me essential: phone ringing, typing sms, playing game, watching a video, hang up call, answer call, just hold the phone in both hands, hold the phone in one hand, and so on :) And also, please also do their tablet variations.
Y Dear 23/05/19 06:16
sitting on the floor would also be really useful
Jan Noot 28/05/19 11:46
Also, I'd like to have persons seen from behind (either sitting, walking etc.). Now everybody is staring in the camera...
Mandeep Choudhary 16/08/19 10:45
Yevgen Y 07/02/20 05:34
would love to see pointing pose too
Valerie 09/03/20 08:42
Valerie 09/03/20 08:42
Yes, sitting and standing, from behind would be extremely useful.
Valerie 09/03/20 08:59
Talking (without lip syncing), this would be to allow supporting characters to simulate background conversation
Allison Champion 01/05/20 15:10
Would love characters to be able to lie down, climb and sit on floor.
Christoph Högl 05/05/20 15:10
Choong Zi Ying 06/05/20 23:48
Benjamin M. Goo 24/05/20 15:08
Love this! Also - maybe praying as an animation or pose as well?
José Ernesto Molina Leiva 29/05/20 22:27
Include more common carácter movments, such as, people paying with cash or crédit card, people washing their hands or bathing, and people sleeping, for example.
Alycia Pollotta 15/03/21 01:51
Yes please!
Luis Jiménez 10/02/21 23:18
Si, por favor como estar llorando
Luis Jiménez 10/02/21 23:18
Yes, please add crying too in some poses like cleaning, or walking etc
Rebeca Rios Polastri 27/11/20 15:31
Si son básicos