Two Character Ideas
I created my first video with Toonly today and it was AWESOME. Thank you! It would be helpful if the characters had a crying action. It would also be helpful if there was a baby character. There are many baby items but not baby characters. Thanks for being awesome!

Nicole Thelin shared this idea 23/03/19 01:03
Josecar 28/04/19 03:15 flag comment
Crying and sad are a must. Baby character also would be very useful
Aaron 09/05/19 23:19 flag comment
Yeah! I was wondering who missed that item on the checklist... "Baby room, baby rattle, baby bottle, baby rattle, baby carriage... Check. We got it all." [smack forehead]
Sebasitan Lehmann 18/05/19 01:52 flag comment
This sure would be useful
Fajar Mukti 08/06/19 10:12 flag comment
Great ideas
LEE JIN WEN 09/06/19 17:44 flag comment
Toddlers will be a great addition too!
Annie Willems 01/07/19 02:25 flag comment
Muhammad Ahmad 06/08/19 08:07 flag comment
I like this idea.
Priscilla Bell 14/09/19 19:28 flag comment
Sebastian Lescano 21/10/19 12:50 flag comment
Ya sumaron la idea de llanto a los personajes?
Fumie Toki 23/10/19 21:49 flag comment
Baby and toddler please :-)