Move Objects Folder to Local Instead of Cloud
This is a needed feature to make the tool easy to use. With this we won't have the issue we're facing here: https://www.toonly.com/requests/home/idea/358/bulk-delete-and-bulk-upload-of-objects-folders It will also allow users to use their assets as there won't be a need to upload every single object they have. If for some reason, the objects need to be on the cloud for import to work, then let's do the upload upon the import, or before it. That way we won't be limited in our options of objects.

Kim Tyrone Agapito shared this idea 29/05/19 22:06
Andrew Carter 01/06/19 06:53
Agreed, ability to add objects from local folders rather than uploading to your server would be great. The render process could involve the upload if necessary.