Keyboard Shortcuts
Make it easy to manipulate assets using keyboard eg. arrow keys, delete etc.

Arnie Deltoff shared this idea 25/03/19 21:23
Thiago Dias 27/03/19 20:45
yesss!! also the copy and paste for the objects
Mikkel Stanley Nielsen 01/05/19 12:53
We need this
Radimir Relator 30/05/19 05:56
Pasi Rita 25/07/19 05:53
That would be great! :) Ready template for operation can be taken from many sound studio softwares. (P=play/pause, etc.)
rafael rodrigues santos 27/07/19 16:12
We need that quickly!
Dennis Devine 02/07/20 05:43
This would be very helpful, using keyboard shortcuts ala photshop
Reymond Galvez 07/06/20 13:13
Can we have this the soonest? It's hard to move small objects around when the resize and rotate buttons are the ones being clicked. The zoom feature with no scrolling makes it even harder.
Kayla Brown 18/03/21 15:38
Please make this ability possible! I can't count the number of times I try to nudge an object to the position I want with the arrow keys only to realize they don't work. I also agree with the comment that zooming in but being unable to move around on the canvas is a pain. I've stopped trying to zoom in and out of the canvas because it's too much of a headache to get the spot I want.
Yoru Chan 02/11/20 08:01
Also scrolling on the timeline, ctrl+scroll should scroll the timeline sideways like premeire pro
Jenson 09/10/20 16:14
Indeed, this is a must-have as the placeholders become an obstacle when object becomes too small and its impossible to move objects around.