Transparent background for webm videos
I would be so useful to be able to export videos with transparent background. That way i could easily integrate my animations with other resources.

Andres Felipe Moreno De Avila shared this idea 29/05/19 15:49
Sameer Samant 30/08/19 05:38
This should be a feature that is already part of the package since using Toonly standalone for Youtube videos would not make sense.
Chris Atkinson 29/01/22 15:02
Absolutely, this would be an awesome additional feature that might be easy to implement through adding an additional background selection (hopefully).
Maitri Lorenzo Ventura 18/04/20 22:59
Yes, this is something I also asked in facebook
Jed Cahill 24/04/20 10:01
Yes this would work so well!
Jose Trujillo 14/09/20 16:38
I really need it, it could be an excellent tool to combine with my job as a web designer
Morm Beaton 19/11/20 19:56
Yes, very useful
Andres Felipe Moreno De Avila 29/03/22 21:01
Most needed chroma doesn't give a nice quality