Sleeping character and beds
I would like to see characters being able to sleep. That is after all the most common action all of us do every day. Would also like to see some different beds.

Matz Bengtsson shared this idea 28/05/19 08:58
Matz Bengtsson 28/05/19 18:31
Usman 29/05/19 22:28
Very much needed, indeed. Why are there so few votes?
Satoshi Hashigawa 03/06/19 13:23
I'll need the ability for the character to sleep / lay down for some hospitality project. I cast 3 vote for this.
Eduardo Robles 15/08/19 04:01
Much needed! I also voted for this. That would increase usability of actual characters for a variety of projects.
Sabina Iordache 21/12/19 15:48
I really need this feature as well! Please include it soon! Thanks :)
Anne-Marie Forsyth 04/04/20 09:38
Actually desperate for this feature, seeing as I am creating a whole series of teaching videos about hotels! I really need a bed, bedside tables etc. please!
Maitri Lorenzo Ventura 18/04/20 22:57
Yes, please
Jose Vallejo 27/04/20 05:21
I totally agree, this is a MUST for Toonly to have. Also WAKE UP should be added. We all wake up and go to sleep
Adriano G 24/05/20 15:54
This is a MUST have feature Toonly! especially for the healthcare market .
Adriano G 24/05/20 15:57
It is time for this. The is a huge market for it Toonly!
Sergio Chaparro 14/02/21 00:52
I see this has been requested since 2019...Im starting some educational videos and its 2021 and the sleeping action is not yet in Toonly :-( This is a much needed action pls!