Ability to insert or create infographics elements
The ability to insert or create elements for infographics where one can provide the data and the charts reflect that data.

Fabiola Solbes shared this idea 25/05/19 18:56
Melanie Moore 28/07/19 19:51
Yes, yes, yes! I want to create a series of explainer videos about salary reviews. But there is nothing for me to be able to show graphs or calculations. This would be very useful.
Ari Saheb 01/08/19 05:16
Fantastic idea I must say!
Moctar Sangga Sandalo 11/10/19 14:15
Indeed, This is great help to all. I strongly believe that when we need to present something it is necessary to show them the data in different format Statistical infographics base on our need (Informational, Timeline, Process, Geographic, Comparison, Hierarchical, etc.). Hope they will add it sooner.
Karina Hunt 06/02/20 21:11
Just get animaker :D
Alicia Thomas-Woolf 26/08/20 13:38
good idea! At the moment I'm just uploading objects!
Varun Luthra 17/11/20 08:09
Much needed this feature. Infographics presentation templates for business purposes. Like SWOT, Chart, Comparison, Marketing, Business plan, Sales, Digital Marketing, Roadmap, etc.