Lip Movement
It would be nice if we could have an action for characters to talk. Even better, if they could lip sync based on voiceover.

Stephan S Brown shared this idea 25/05/19 09:02
Ed Stern 18/07/19 05:20 flag comment
To be competitive with the rest of the market you should have this
Eric Kung 22/09/19 09:25 flag comment
I like this idea, voting it.
Hecsil Martinez Pacheco 30/09/19 15:02 flag comment
yes, that the characters talk to each other and that they can speak to the viewer
LUIS ALEJANDRO SOTO DIEZ 17/10/19 01:39 flag comment
Es necesario que tenga esta animacion
Sebastian Lescano 21/10/19 12:49 flag comment
Yo sumaria que el personaje pueda tambien mover los labios, pero cuando tenga una conversacion escrita, todavia falta que toonly sume globos y letras en conjunto para poder hacer conversaciones de forma rapida en los videos.
Jamie Rusk 08/11/19 22:08 flag comment
Nimble Aurestila Hinoyog 16/11/19 07:01 flag comment
That's a very good idea. ^_^
Sérgio Almeida 17/11/19 02:52 flag comment
Irvin Yeo 21/11/19 15:46 flag comment
Samba Raju Alluri 29/03/20 17:23 flag comment
it will be great if lip sync based on voiceover
Eric Bryant 24/06/20 20:48 flag comment
I agree with the rest - this would be a great feature to have and would provide much more flexibility.
Dennis Devine 26/06/20 02:20 flag comment
Would like a feature for a characters doing simultaneous actions with the lip-sync feature