Animal Movement
Animal movement would be great - especially dogs, cats, horses, birds. My business is closely aligned with animals and I use them a lot in all my advertising.

Jennifer Kugler shared this idea 25/03/19 20:54
Officers IAS Academy 04/07/19 04:27
Yes please. The animals look robotic when I try and make them move with key frame.
Mandeep Choudhary 16/08/19 10:57
Ryan Patrick McLaughlin 27/08/19 19:46
I think this feature would really help expand the usefulness of this product. It's odd to have humans moving about animals standing still like statues.
Any Nguyen 11/12/19 02:41
Ken Quismundo 30/12/19 01:27
Can you make animals as characters so they can also be animated and lip synced? Better yet, could you please make everything that moves be animated? Thanks.
Viral Sutariya 29/07/20 13:18
Animal movement is required. like all animals of jungles and home animals like dogs, cats, cows, goats, sheeps, etc.
DavidAdamson 03/07/20 17:05
I would like fantasy animals too - dragons, goblins, water kelpies. I'd like to be able to animate children's stories
Michael Lapp 28/06/20 18:08
Would be great
yajif faouzi 10/04/21 18:58
Would be great
jesus maria anton 28/09/20 18:06
When the character speaks, it is more natural for him to move his arms and hands instead of being still. When the character compares an item, he does not have to smile, he would have to be serious, comparing, adding, sad and worried.