Character seen from behind
I'd like to have a number of characters seen from behind. Not necessarily all characters should have that possibility, but at least some of them: some standing, others sitting and / or walking.

Jan Noot shared this idea 08/05/19 09:41
Paul Yakushenkov 11/09/19 09:51
Yes, it's very needed!
Tedgreg1 19/04/20 21:48
Totally agree and required, consider his please.
Patrick van Donselaar 16/05/20 10:10
Literally just purchased and downloaded Toonly expecting this to be possible to quickly create a 'video conference seen from behind' scene. Bit disappointed to be honest ;)
Mike Cahill 07/07/20 04:59
Please consider this, it would be relatively easy to implement
Somchai Suriyakrai 12/06/21 22:49
I need this character position in many scene
Alexandra Karousou 16/04/21 12:50
Just used Toonly for the first time, to discover this is not possible. This is a very important feature for realistic videos. Otherwise, everything seems very artificial (e.g., a theatrical rehearsal view). Thank you for considering. I hope this feature is released soon.
Laurel Sunderman 30/11/20 22:34
Yes, this would be very helpful - especially for classroom scenes. I'd like to be able to have students sitting at the desks with the teacher in front. Perhaps they could raise their hands or write/study at their desks.
christine roggeveen 19/11/20 01:03
I really miss this option, so I would be happy if this where possible :-)