Change order of character actions on timeline
Supply a way to change the order in which a character performs an action. Similar to the way to change scene order in Doodly, click and drag. For instance, character is performing six actions in scene. I want to swap #2 and #8. Changing action names does not work because of key placement action.

Rodney Young shared this idea 22/03/19 18:23
Andrew Carter 27/03/19 19:03
I'm surprised no one has commented. You can already do this by dragging the time-line bar for the character to where you want it to begin for each one. It doesn't matter what order you bring them onto the screen. Also sending or bringing a character/object back or forward will move them up and down the timeline.
Rodney Young 27/03/19 20:22
Andrew, I am taking about a character walking, then running and then standing. I want to be able to click and drag to a spot for each action. In this case, have them stand , then walk, and then run.
sonja andrus 05/04/19 14:50
Rodney, I don't think I understand the problem. Can't you just use the timeline and extend the standing idle option until you want the character to walk, then insert the walking action. Then extend that out until you want the character to run, and insert the running action. Etc.? What is it that you're looking to do that it doesn't do yet?
Andrew Carter 26/04/19 15:24
Rodney, I'm with Sonja on this, it can already be done. Especially now they have added loop into the actions.
Jeff Hug 27/05/19 14:14
You can already do this. Double click the action on the timeline. It will now be sticking to your mouse pointer. Drag it to another action on the timeline to swap them.
Radimir Relator 30/05/19 05:55
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Valerie 09/03/20 08:30
Maybe I'm missing the same thing that Rodney was. If I have a character standing then walking, but I want to use the "walking" before the "standing", I have to delete the "standing" at the beginning and add a new "standing" at the end. I would like to be able to just drag the "standing" from the front to the back.
Tedgreg1 19/04/20 21:50
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Julian1084 08/05/20 16:12
the movements of the characters are very limited, I bought the enterprise version thinking that more movements would come per character and they are the same as the basic ... I am a little disappointed that the amount of movements is very limited.
niv revah 17/01/22 09:48
Tsengelluya 24/03/21 13:48
Daniel Ekpobedafe 10/03/21 15:31
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