African American Characters
Leo Bell Can you please create African American Male/Female Drs, police/male and female, businessmen, and women as well as superheroes. I appreciate the African American characters that, you have created, however, none of them are professional career people..

Leo bell shared this idea 02/05/19 03:27
Leah Williams 07/05/19 15:14
Additionally, please create them with various facial expressions, head coverings, braids/dreadlocks, and skirts/dresses. Thank you kindly.
Susanna Ingenhuett 24/08/19 20:42
Yes, please. Especially cops, both male and female. Telling stories with only white cops leaves the door too wide open for complaints about racist bias. It IS the twentyfirst century, after all. ;-)
JenEece Phillips 28/11/19 10:47
This lack of diversity makes this wonderful app nearly useless to individuals who serve certain demographics. While Toonly states that it takes time to build more characters - it would do much more for the tool if Toonly used their time to give us the tools to essentially build our own characters by changing basic things such as skin tone and hair color at a very minimum, and perhaps the ability to change clothes. As it is now, many of us don't have the diversity in characters we need for our business and all of our videos look alike. If you need a black professional woman, you only have one choice. Not cool! Its time for Toonly to make some headway on this.