Snapping tool on timeline
Just like in every other video editor, you have the option to enable a snapping tool, which allows you to match up all the start and ends of you elements in the timeline, this tool is necessary to ensure that one element isnt 1 frame too long or too short

Mikkel Stanley Nielsen shared this idea 01/05/19 10:54
Andrew Carter 03/05/19 13:42
Sorry, but doesn't it snap to frame anyway? If you zoom in on the timeline you get more control as the frame (timing marks) get larger. As long as the frame head marker is in the right position, the object/character should snap to it. Just a thought.
Admin 29/06/21 15:14
A similar request already exists. Please give it an upvote here: https://www.toonly.com/requests/home/idea/21/snap-to-for-elements-on-the-timeline