Pan and zoom
Scene can pan and zoom

Dheeraj kalra shared this idea 25/03/19 12:07
Steve 27/03/19 14:58
Competing products have this, I'd guess it's almost expected by consumers. I'd love to see this added.
Andrew Carter 27/03/19 17:39
Yes an additional feature to pan and zoom 'the camera' would be perfect and enhance the product greatly.
Naoki Yamada 28/03/19 22:20
I think this is a necessary function.
My Sovann 29/03/19 00:29
This is a must have feature
My Sovann 02/04/19 23:17
Love this
Sovann 17/04/19 11:50
This is the best feature I really need. Please add it.
Jarmo Laakso 18/04/19 20:27
Pretty much must have feature to get this software to the same level with competitors.
Bill Fry 20/04/19 01:13
This is a much-needed feature, Especpially since it was in the software preview. Love to see this sooner than later.
Mike Rosales 21/04/19 19:01
Daniel Acuna 23/04/19 14:17
yes please!
Danny van Rijt 01/05/19 10:14
This would definitely be a great feature
MIke 02/05/19 18:54
Yes, it would be an awesome feature to pan and zoom like a camera affect.
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:26
Yes, must have for me too. Would be great if the camera move could overlap scenes, not just for one scene but for more, it would save time, no more need to duplicate scenes to get same camera values and cut/shorten scenes for right moves....
Scott 06/05/19 14:51
This is a much-needed feature, i saw this feature in the software preview and was actually expecting it. Spent ages searching for it l. Would love to see this added soon!
Len Inkster 24/05/19 16:06
The camera pan and zoom, marketed in Video #8 does what we ask for, but is not available. Has this not been pushed yet??
Andrzej 25/05/19 10:51
I'm trying now, it's great, but please make possible to remove key frame. If you split Camera track accidently.
berd 12/05/20 06:11
Its good to have these features
Kewl 28/03/21 22:55
yep, would love this