Splice Audio
Can we implement a feature where one can splice audio files? Oftentimes when we have talent do a voiceover for us, it is one long audio file. Sometimes we want to prolong the pauses between topics and it's too hard to "trim" it within toonly and then having to reload it again to trim it again as a workaround.

Pauline Kino shared this idea 23/04/19 16:53
Andrew Carter 08/05/19 14:03
This is a great idea, not just for voice-overs but also any audio file.
Katherine Casper 10/05/19 15:59
Yes. Great idea. Would love to have right in the software.
Andrew Murray 12/10/20 16:20
Being able to trim audio is key. Then we can record the whole script and cut and move the audio to the next scene. Makes it much easier.