Baseline Animations
Hello again :) Shouldn't all characters have the same animations? Like why do the heroes seem to have the least animations of all the toons. And even getting past that shouldn't the heroes at least be able to fly parallel to the ground as most flying super heroes do? :)

Prime Local shared this idea 24/03/19 20:17
Steve 27/03/19 15:00 flag comment
Yes, please add all animations to all characters.
Richard Genck 08/04/19 17:08 flag comment
Definitely, I was going to post this as an issue as well
Jan Noot 17/04/19 14:59 flag comment
Yep, I fully agree. In my opinion it is a BUG that not all animations are applied to ALL characters. In addition, every character should have one or more specific animations.
Colleen Parsons 17/04/19 23:14 flag comment
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:37 flag comment
Yes, also agree, all characters should have all animations. And a thumbnail with each animation preview would be a huge time saver too!
B Mohan Kumar 01/06/19 04:19 flag comment
Policewoman has many animations, but policeman has only 2. All these characters should have all animations
Yogesh Kumar 16/07/19 11:46 flag comment
I completely agree.
Richard Genck 11/09/19 01:16 flag comment
It's been 5 months, is this feature going to be added or not? Toonly feels half baked without this.
Cherry Vanderbeke 25/09/19 03:06 flag comment
I totally support this. I like the product a lot so far, but I was honestly shocked when one of the characters I wanted to use only had two "actions" available, then I discovered it was a shortcoming with many of the characters. In reality this makes those characters almost unusable if they don't have the animated action you want to use - which in turn means there aren't as many characters as it says in the marketing if many are unusable in most situations! Bottom line, the product needs to be consistent, so each character should have the same animated actions available. That seems so basic, I can't believe it's not there already.
Destiny Little 22/05/20 13:10 flag comment
Please add all animations to All characters, I don't understand why the shepherd needs a selfie stick and why he is the only charter that can laugh and cry and so much more. Characters should all be able to do the same things.
Burke Brownfeld 11/10/20 02:02 flag comment
This is a good point. all characters should be able to carry out all actions