collaboration between doodly and toonly
There are lot of softwares which can do sketch(like doodly) and animation(like toonly). So my big request to you is to bring some sort of export, import or collaboration function between doodly and toonly so that we can use sketch and animation in a single video.

Jaffer hussain shared this idea 21/04/19 21:04
Aviral Kothari 23/04/19 04:06
This is a great idea ! please make a seamless integration between Doodly and Toonly , at least for enterprise varients ! We have invested a lot in your products, please make it happen !
Francisco Nocetti 07/03/20 16:50
Is a great idea!
Alberte Zato 15/04/20 01:24
Go for it!!!!! :)
Mohammed Muneeb Nawal 29/04/20 14:11
I need this very strongly.
Hans van van Bergen 07/09/20 15:55
Would really be great
Himanshu Shukla 20/07/20 05:59
A must feature for those who own both Toonly and Doodly.
Mike Cahill 07/07/20 04:46
I'm always using both for the same videos, it would save so much time if we could import Doodly scenes into Toonly
Varun Luthra 11/09/21 07:36
Highly recommend this feature. Should be collaborated together to make a stunning video on a single platform. This should be on highest priority.
Rosina Iglesias 08/08/21 06:44
I need this also. Thank you.
Roshan Ali 25/05/21 16:25
All the three tools that is toonly, doodly and talkia should work in collaboration. These thee tools can be merged in a single software. Then if some one buys doodly only, he should be able to use the single option doodly, The other two tools features grayed out, not active. If for example some one buys only toonly license, then he should only have access to the toonly features, the other ones inactve. If someone buys all three licences then he should be able to use all the features.
Varun Luthra 01/05/21 05:46
Even i would say to collaborate VSL text format in Toonly, so that we can create a video with different text animation and styles.
Candi B. 26/10/20 00:51
This would be FANTASTIC!
Michael Nickel 24/10/20 16:11
Yes for that. Especially, the interchangeability of characters would allow to create some very different styles and yet have re-appearing familiarity for viewers