Snap To For Elements On The Timeline
Hey guys it would be really nice if the tracks on the timeline could snap to the play head and also snap to align with the beginning or ending of other tracks. Right now if we want a character or element to transition in or out at the EXACT time another element transitions in or out we have to align them 100% manually and best guess that they are timed right. Tools like Camtasia allow for these elements to snap into place allowing for a much higher degree of accuracy when aligning tracks and elements.

Prime Local shared this idea 24/03/19 20:14
Vincent 08/08/19 09:21
Snap to grid, yes please. And for all objects and characters and music and voiceover :-)
Lindsay Foyle 23/01/21 14:34
Yes, please get align to the beginning, end, and cursor added as soon as possible.
Yoru Chan 02/11/20 07:42
The ability to snap to the individual seconds on the timeline would be great too
Tom Dudarski 05/10/20 07:09
No rush but important