More BUSINESS characters and animations
We have only 1 male and 1 female business characters and the only thing they do is drink wine. Please add “talking,” shaking hands, presenting, working on a computer, signing a contract, using a phone, using a tablet, showing a certificate/phone/tablet, presenting a graph, and other actions that can help people create an explainer for business clients.

Kelley Briceno shared this idea 17/04/19 09:26
Sovann 17/04/19 11:48
Good to have this feature
Morgan Woroner 18/04/19 16:52
This would be extremely helpful.
Debbie Tam 15/05/19 20:19
Would be helpful to have more "business" actions. I have the full enterprise edition but could use more business related items to get concepts across such as tax, payroll, a time clock, etc.
Bill Cimbrelo 22/05/19 18:17
I only see ONE business character and it's a woman. I need a male business character and preferably of different ages/ethnicities. This is a must-have.
Jose Figarella 08/08/19 04:10
Yes please! include more features for Real Estate. Reaching to open a door or hand keys, or a contract. pointing a finger. include pen, folders, keys, for Sale sign. Business, or suit, glasses for "white businessman 2"
Nigel Collins 17/05/20 22:09
Really good suggestion.