Animations with no onset/offset
Have the same animations available without the start and end in order to be better able to customize how long they last. Because the animations have a different action at the start and end (eg, the typing on laptop character sits to start and stands to end, the talking on cell phone lifts the phone to start and lowers to end), when you want the animation to last longer it either has to be stretched out and therefore look slow-mo, or you have to repeat and the beginning and ending repeats and looks unnatural. thank you!

Christine Dunbar shared this idea 24/03/19 14:40
Daniel Acuna 23/04/19 14:22
this is a must!
Andrew Carter 14/05/19 14:57
The new looping feature reduces the full need for this.
Iqra Mushtaq 03/04/20 17:00
I agree
Admin 17/04/20 20:40
You can now trim the start and end animations. Please update to the latest Toonly version - https://www.toonly.com/members/
Julian1084 08/05/20 16:10
the movements of the characters are very limited, I bought the enterprise version thinking that more movements would come per character and they are the same as the basic ... I am a little disappointed that the amount of movements is very limited.
OM OMAR 06/06/20 07:09
After downloaded , I disappointed that the program doesn't support Arabic which make me switch to my old powtoon