I would like to see hairdressers character as well as teachers. Also a hairsalon scene.

Stavroula Tsoutsa shared this idea 24/03/19 13:11
Steve 27/03/19 14:55
Gerry Murray 27/03/19 15:28
We also specialise with salon owners so hairdressers and beauticians plus fitness and health therapists, yoga teachers etc.
Teresa Jones 27/03/19 22:22
Would love to see the addition of nurses, cell phone tech, and a crafter (one who creates with crafts)
Elizabeth 28/03/19 05:43
I definitely agree with the teachers!
Darcy Peters 30/03/19 17:58
I need teachers, students, all school things! :D
Toni Gibson 03/04/19 10:50
Teachers and students as well as pharmacists would be good here too
Mahdi kalot 07/04/19 12:13
Bee keeper in different chapes and possitions
Richard Genck 07/04/19 20:33
Teachers, male and female, of all ages! A lot of people are using this program for educational purposes. There are only a few presenter type characters, like one called Business men (should be spelled "Businessman"), but he only has 2 animations: "idle" and "drinking wine," so not much of an instructor, haha.
Sherry Lamberth 17/04/19 11:11
Jan Noot 17/04/19 14:45
More business people would be great!
Wayne Sharer 28/04/19 00:05
Would love to see some military characters. I have clients from the American Legion, and this would be great.
Steven Chernikeeff 29/04/19 08:19
more 'normal' characters too
Sarah Xu 29/04/19 23:30
I would like to see some old people (or really any of the characters with grey hair) Also, some female characters that are less curvy (e.g. more like the shape of white american female, but with different colourings)
kelly yeo 01/05/19 13:35
Yes please! I believe many of us are actually educators here. Would be great to have teachers, students and anything school related.
Craig Brain 02/05/19 19:48
Soldier, sailors and airmen would be great!
Craig Brain 02/05/19 19:48
Spies, burglars, thieves, thugs and gangsters would be helpful.
Craig Brain 02/05/19 19:49
Older people, people with different body types (not all of us are young and skinny anymore).
Craig Brain 04/05/19 07:21
science fiction characters, robots aliens UFOs etc. would be fantastic and fun
Eric Tang 04/05/19 07:47
optician / optometrist
Chen Yumin 04/05/19 14:11
Custom character for enterprise customers who would pay more a special character for their enterprise need in commercial use, and the character will be **private** to the enterprise. This could be the enterprise's brand, logo, or a YouTube personality character, etc...
Mandar 14/05/19 11:39
Doctor's Characters are present but they have only 3 animation / Moves. Request to add more such as checking someone's hand, Checking with a stethoscope, Blood collection and more. Also, request you to add more Pilots and their animation.
Laurent Prugnieres 17/05/19 03:49
More characters or outfits for them
David Burley 20/05/19 04:55
elderly characters please
Y Dear 21/05/19 08:55
Please... can we have more Middle Eastern characters (including non-Muslim ones)? Or more ethnic looking characters, with different hair (for example long curly/wavy hair as well as straight) and more conservative clothing?
Y Dear 21/05/19 08:56
Also, can we have a scared action, like there is for angry?
Rick Alan 21/05/19 14:30
Senior Characters Please! Huge demographic totally ignored by Toonly up to this point. Thanks!
Keith Vincent 23/05/19 11:30
Keith Vincent 23/05/19 11:31
Hi, I would love to surfers in TOONLY and waves at the beach
Glory Przekop 23/05/19 16:00
Older people and people with disabilities
Tracy McClung 24/05/19 19:16
I would like to see Military Characters, Army (men and Women), Navy, airforce and Marines. I specifically need Army. I work in a Health care clinic not a hospital , so the ability to have a hospital background that I could customize to say Health Clinic. This would be a good start for me.
Edna Moreno 24/05/19 23:37
Teachers! I’m thinking of using toonly for my classes
Joni Vogel 25/05/19 02:45
I made my first video today and had a hard time finding someone to resemble me - I am Asian/Hispanic. We need more Asian/dark haired women! Also, we definitely need PREGNANT women in different ethnicities! Please! I run a business that focuses on pregnant women... :-) . Thank you!
Ellen van Ham 29/05/19 10:29
I'd like to see a bride and groom as well as bridemaids, an officiant, and other wedding related characters. Also more characters in party clothes.
Rajita 30/05/19 09:29
I'd like to see babies!
Rabisheikh 31/05/19 11:10
Dennis Devine 04/06/19 18:17
Maybe just allow the changing of heads
Greg.Roche 07/06/19 13:33
Radio, TV broadcaster characters would be useful for media clients and general news stories
Eric Schaefges 11/06/19 13:39
more business people, more diverse business people would be great. basically just need lots of people in suits/business outfits :)
Mia Ponzo 15/06/19 15:06
I also would like more Middle Eastern looking.. and more Islamic Muslim dressing folks with different skin colors and different clothing.... also... the hijab wearing Middle Eastern woman on there now is wearing very tight clothing, which would be inappropriate for practicing Muslim women... the chest would not be showing. Thanks! :)
Laura Giraldo 18/06/19 01:26
I would love to be able to customize the colours of clothing in characters. also desperately needing a guy with jeans and a work vest.
April Pollard 19/06/19 03:53
Please add more school /library related characters, props, and backgrounds. I suspect many of your clients are in this field.
naser almahdi 26/06/19 08:41
I also would like more Middle Eastern looking with different head dress colors and different clothing
Louis 27/06/19 21:20
Would like to see a Latino American Male with a bald head
Erica Gonzalez 29/06/19 12:32
For corporate training videos I need more “worker” options. People in suits, housekeepers, maintenance people etc.
Jürgen Dietz 09/07/19 17:40
need Old Charakters please! old and very old men and women in diffrent situations-
Bernadette Raftery 29/07/19 20:32
Realtor, business man, business casual dress, diverse characters by height, weight, length of hair, color, gender, middle aged, etc.
Bernadette Raftery 29/07/19 20:33
Would also like to see a variety of family character sets. Husband, wife, son, daughter, baby, dog, cat, etc.
Ruth Zotos 13/08/19 01:06
To use Toonly, I need preschool children, scenes, objects, caregivers, babies
Hecsil Martinez Pacheco 16/08/19 23:01
Siiii personajes de todas las profesiones y objetos relacionados a estas profesiones. Como principales: maestros, médicos, periodistas, constructores, obreros, etc
David Riddy 18/08/19 05:04
Would like to have some overweight male and female characters and slimmer versions of the same characters to use for health & fitness transformations.
Rayhanul Islam 25/08/19 05:46
Street Beggar character would be a nice addition
Rayhanul Islam 25/08/19 05:46
Jason Schroeder 01/11/19 16:13
Hi Toonly Design team. Can you create more characters please. There are no older men and different types of men particularly for our health movement which could show different types of clothing styles and nationalities to choose from. We have people from many cultures to cater for. Also could there be a workshop type setting ... so inside the Shed with choices of tools to choose from, workbenches etc to make up the scene. Thanks
Jason Schroeder 01/11/19 16:28
I require a workshop setting with characters of different ages and cultures with a variety of different tools, work benches to choose from.... this could be inside the present Shed building option.
Kemar Henry 12/11/19 18:11
i want to see pastors and dentist as well
Nimble Aurestila Hinoyog 16/11/19 07:02
I agree with this
Anthony Goss 28/11/19 22:40
I agree that we need characters for education (students of different ages, teachers, etc.)
Sabina Iordache 21/12/19 15:54
Yes! More teachers please! And people from other areas (firefighters, shop assistants etc.)
Stuart 03/01/20 12:36
Seems to me that over the past year there have been a lot of requests for more characters. It would be great to be honest if you allowed us to build our own characters and associate movements. I know this is more advanced but providing a simple option of changing clothes, adding a hat, changing skin colour etc would be a start, then provide an advanced solution for those who want to build a character from scratch.
Anna Bonacorsi 23/01/20 11:10
Could we have more movements? Animation movement that include sitting down reading, or writing, Also stand up reading too. Also characters that are more variable in size and colour, hair too. More pliable characters, as in you can move their poses to accurately reflect what you require for the movie.
Anna Bonacorsi 23/01/20 11:15
Suggest more animation movements such as presenting moves and pointing out things. Plus facial movements if possible so it looks like they're talking to another character.
Karina Hunt 06/02/20 21:01
There is what looks like a hair salon, but it's called "saloon" lol. No half doors or beer though so I'm guessing it's actually a salon.
MOHAMED ALY 16/02/20 15:26
Farmer Character
Todd McDonald 28/03/20 19:46
I would like to see more color characters for the hotel industry. Housekeeper, Maintenance, Front Desk, Manager,
Yann D'Hooghe 31/03/20 14:17
Hello team; I would like to know if it is possible to have faceless characters in the next updates?
MICHELLE MILLER 01/04/20 13:04
I definitely need these characters! More characters, in general, would be great or even having the ability to customize the current characters with different clothing options, etc.
Hussnain Ali Hussnain ali 02/04/20 13:19
youtube art desing Animation
Lara Smith 04/04/20 16:46
It would be great to be able to customise characters by key characteristics, e.g. hair colour, skin tone, clothes style / clothing colours. Additionally, more actions for each character. Thanks
Eric Sheldon Lee 06/04/20 21:01
Bald African American man please. Thanks!
Jeff Hardy 09/04/20 18:21
I'd appreciate an elderly female character as this is currently unavailable and should be. I'd specifically like to see a crossing guard (options for male/female elderly and minority). Even better if we could customize our characters? Please?
Darlene Steele 11/04/20 19:42
I would like to see some American blonde people.
Darlene Steele 11/04/20 19:42
I would like to be able to change the hair color.
Eric Hamilton 13/04/20 01:21
factory workers, service workers (in uniform), more scientists/doctors with lab coats, other professionals in easily identified outfits
Thomas Stillitano 21/04/20 10:13
Hello, I need everything for soccer: a coach, men and kids with soccer shoes and shirts in etc.
Roland Pennaertz 21/04/20 21:46
pls go for the teachers..
Dery Sultana 23/04/20 01:07
Can you please include Old females as there are none in that demographic. Cannot use Toonly for what I purchased it for without it :(
Maitri Lorenzo Ventura 29/04/20 17:21
I don't know if I asked already somewhere else, but I would like some religious characters (Buddhist, Hindu, Christian)
Anthony Almond 05/05/20 01:19
Yes, more characters are a must! A priest character would be great since there are already so many church scenes.
Christoph Högl 05/05/20 15:10
Nigel Collins 17/05/20 22:00
More business people dressed in suits, please. I need to be able to create a board room scene.
Omri Blit 21/05/20 03:00
I'd like to see the characters able to use their phone as a mobile device and not just calling, as well as eating. You have someone sipping on a full bottle of wine, but no eating?
gamesgeeks 30/08/20 04:28
Lon HIeftje 29/07/20 02:06
The ability to modify a character by Clothing, weight, head shape, hair, and facial characterise (skin color-beard) would be a big plus for Toonly! I would even pay another $30 for the addon.
Lon HIeftje 26/07/20 23:58
To be able to make a character to look similar to me would be perfect!
Jeff Tebani 23/07/20 13:39
I would like to be able to create our own characters and create any story with them.
Darin Jonker 19/07/20 06:05
We need Bible - times characters with different skin tones and even grey-bearded characters like the shepherd in the character set.
Rayhanul Islam 21/06/20 15:31
we need a character with walking and lipsync together. Please consider it.
YANG 01/08/21 02:42
need waitress, waiter and Sommier for restaurant theme
Brian 28/05/21 17:20
Can we have Scotsman in Kilt please - with red hair. and Pink/Blue wristbands.
yajif faouzi 11/04/21 19:01
Could we have more movements? Animation movement that include sitting down reading, or writing, Also stand up reading too. Also characters that are more variable in size and colour, hair too. More pliable characters, as in you can move their poses to accurately reflect what you require for the movie.
yajif faouzi 11/04/21 19:07
I would really love this suggestion.
Valerie Pinsent 02/04/21 13:55
yes a hairsalon and teachers would be great for my line of clients. Also, some characters not facing the front, so they could be speaking to each other would be awesome. And a great must, that they could do more than 1 action at a time, sitting down and lip synch for instance. They can only be standing when they do lipsynch.
Zachary Ferguson 24/02/21 15:21
Could you please include doctors and nurses of color. Currently I only see white doctors and nurses.
Jennifer Benart 16/02/21 22:10
I am think about not keeping the software do to not being able to custom the characters. Even if I could upload my own like you can with backgrounds an objects.
Steve Williams 06/02/21 14:08
Looking for Romans and astronauts for my education site :)
Rob Bailey 02/12/20 11:39
Great idea considering the Pandemic and how many continue to put their life on the line. Would be a great gesture form Toonly and i'm sure it wouldn't go unnoticed...
Carolina Ayu 22/11/20 06:32
I work at a bank and often have to create e-learning modules for the employees. love to see well dressed up bankers (male and female) with banking backgrounds both for front and back office.
sasacans 16/09/20 11:36
Nagesh 26/09/20 21:31
please add some robots aliens vampires mummies and ghosts
Waly Rodríguez 23/09/20 01:55
I agree
Terrence Parker El 26/09/20 16:04
there should be a lot more variety of attire to appeal to religious customers. I specifically am requesting a red fez with a black tassel to be available for character design.
Nagesh 26/09/20 21:29
Please add thief charcater along with some indian looking characters. India is a huge market please add characters that suit indian look.
Nagesh 26/09/20 21:30
please add the character creater function. will be the best!