I would like the opportunity to add a subtitle track to an audio where I can chose the font and background colours as well. This would be a single line of text. At the moment I have had to create 10 rows of individual text buttons just to cover 15 seconds - the audio is 6 minutes long !! Many of my customers are deaf and need the subtitles

David Smith shared this idea 12/04/19 15:54
Sally Gradle 11/12/19 15:04
In order to use this software and be in compliance with US government standards, and standards of WCAG, we need to be able to have subtitles included with the videos. We would all like to have explainer and marketing videos that are useful for the entire population and could avoid lawsuits. It's also good for everyone's SEO. Please give this strong, serious consideration. Right now it is the only thing holding me back from upgrading my license.
Sally Gradle 11/12/19 15:04
Maria Teresa Gada 18/02/20 09:49
This would be extremely useful.
Italo 27/03/20 00:03
This option would be fantastic! ( :
Kewl 28/03/21 22:57
Would be a massive time saver. I had to add subtitles manually for my first video and it took ages
minxing wang 12/01/21 00:38
It is really very good idea :)
Varun Luthra 08/01/21 07:33
The subtitle is very important. As playing background music then we can add text as subtitles easy to read the text while playing a video.
Bob 23/09/20 08:12
Great idea! Will save a lot of time and help viewers understand and learn what is going on...