Compare items
When the characters compare items, can you make those items any object so two actual "things" can be compared?

Paul Kraimer shared this idea 11/04/19 20:16
Andrew Carter 25/08/19 14:34
Agreed, being able to lock items to the hands of the compare action would be great.
Sara Girard 13/11/19 19:25
MUCH needed!
Aly Richards 16/12/19 11:38
Yep, I need this as well.
karina hunt 08/01/20 16:33
Toonly needs general object animation. They should be able to move around the scene just like characters.
Sabina Iordache 23/01/20 15:41
Much needed! Or at least remove the shaded boxes from there, cause they appear in the final animation and it looks weird if no object is attached!
Michael D 30/03/20 05:08
Essential given the compare items animation is not useful without it (in terms of, there is no impact with two indistinguishable grey boxes)
Cyril Adejumo 08/04/20 15:12
it will be nice to be able to link objects
Adam Diaz 14/04/20 19:12
Why does the animation even exist with empty object containers to begin with? The idea was obviously thought of when this feature was released since those empty images still exist after exporting a project.
kapil 26/08/20 13:52
This is much needed now... but when we'll get these update..
David Ruyak 21/01/21 20:37
This would be great!! The best for me would be to lock an object to the item squares. At the bare minimum, have the hands empty and flat, palm up. Just like they are, but empty.