More Character Face expression
It will be good to have characters face expression showing happy, smiling, angry, mad, sad, crying, eye moving....etc.

Hwang Soo Ping shared this idea 24/03/19 06:30
Elizabeth 28/03/19 05:44 flag comment
I love the idea of more emotions for the characters
Tavin James 29/03/19 00:17 flag comment
I would reeeeeaaaaally like this, please!
Jason W. Levy 07/04/19 12:47 flag comment
Christian Barth 09/04/19 06:26 flag comment
Yes, that it was supposed to be available when I bought Toonly...
Randy Bryant 12/04/19 12:09 flag comment
Yes, and add a pose directing the viewers attention at a signboard or text similar to what a game show host would do.
Sovann 17/04/19 11:49 flag comment
That is what I want
Shelly Ossa 20/04/19 15:13 flag comment
This would be helpful.
Funda Lena 23/04/19 15:05 flag comment
Yes please!
Darlene Bocek 24/04/19 20:41 flag comment
Perhaps having "talking" toggle for each cycle, even if the lips don't match the words, the open-shut of the mouth to mock talking during a cycle would help.
Sarah Xu 29/04/19 23:06 flag comment
Yes please--even basic emotions like happy, sad, and neutral that can be added separately to their actions (e.g. have someone sitting + sad, or sitting + happy) This is particularly important because part of using these videos is to solve peoples problems and often we want to move them from sad, or angry/frustrated to happy and relaxed.
Mikkel Stanley Nielsen 01/05/19 11:14 flag comment
I agree. We need this!
Geren Clifton Ambrose 03/05/19 18:40 flag comment
I agree.
Craig Brain 04/05/19 00:35 flag comment
Please do this one! And pointing would be so useful!
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:22 flag comment
I agree with Sarah Xu! :) The "surprised" expression would be nice, badly surprised and nicely surprised. Also "shocked", and sleeping (with the mouth breathing and the zzz). Some behaviors could be cool too, like looking around, afraid (with arm protecting head), proud, hesitant (finger near mouth), etc.
Karen Loftus 06/05/19 22:43 flag comment
I totally agree on this one.
Kay Duah 23/05/19 21:58 flag comment
hey check this out my son helped me make a characters mouth move. Didn't take us long he created a mouth gif and he put it in the scene https://youtu.be/-4K9Sjf5aLU I think he can add hair and other things too but I wish it all came with this.
Yash Baldha 28/05/19 03:17 flag comment
yes this is perfect idea and its verry important for animatiom
Steven Blanton 30/05/19 15:36 flag comment
Yes! This is a needed feature... adds so much dimension to the characters to help carry the message.
Mohamed Shereef 31/05/19 06:50 flag comment
Jennyffer Castillo 01/06/19 03:57 flag comment
Yeah, Where are the Face Expressions? It supposed to have at least 15 Face Expressions available. If it is doesn't have I have requested a refund.
Satoshi Hashigawa 03/06/19 13:31 flag comment
added 3 vote for the facial expression :) It's essential for the characters.
VERONICA 11/06/19 00:39 flag comment
definetely! I am in need of a sad, tired, character....
Elena Gorshkova 13/06/19 20:42 flag comment
please add mouth moving while speaking. Thank you!
Mia Ponzo 15/06/19 15:32 flag comment
Great thing to add!!!!!
linda HURL 21/06/19 04:43 flag comment
great idea
Ahmad Siddiq 08/07/19 16:17 flag comment
I hope it will be available soon...
Pascal 10/07/19 11:32 flag comment
Sad, whining, insecure, unconfident and neutral emotion For the "before" and "after" effect For example before product=sad | buy product=happy
Sherri Grishaw 11/07/19 12:28 flag comment
Pasi Rita 25/07/19 22:09 flag comment
Definitely a very important feature. I was expecting 360 expressions built-in, with my enterprie version... :(
Bernadette Raftery 29/07/19 20:34 flag comment
Yes, emotions help to convey the mood.
Ari Saheb 01/08/19 05:15 flag comment
Can you also consider lip synching for the characters it helps out a lot when creating explainer videos!
Catalina Pérez Rodríguez 05/08/19 13:41 flag comment
Yes, please. It would be really useful to have more emotions available
Julio Cesar Oropeza 16/08/19 17:11 flag comment
This is the main reason I bought this software, but sadly it needs to be improved!
Hecsil Martinez Pacheco 16/08/19 22:43 flag comment
Si, sería buenísimo. Y que se pueda escoger la expresión según el movimiento que estos hacen.
Joyce Harrington 08/09/19 23:11 flag comment
We really need facial expressions to create animated videos. I would also add one for sweating which is good for stress and also exercise/fitness videos.
Paulo Cesar Sandoval Calderon 10/09/19 18:07 flag comment
It would be great to have more face expressions! it is so difficult to explain things when everybody seems to be so happy. Please consider this feature! Thank you!
Paul Yakushenkov 11/09/19 09:55 flag comment
Yes, agree. I Thought Toonly has it, but no.
Mayank Shinde 13/09/19 03:35 flag comment
Toonly must have the characters with facial expressions like happy sad angry confused and so on. I was expecting the same in toonly when I installed it.
Naris 24/09/19 03:19 flag comment
More Character Face expression that very important for my work as a counselor and nonviolent communication.
hung 30/09/19 16:56 flag comment
this is crucial for my story telling video
Nancy Potts 02/10/19 02:55 flag comment
Sad/crying face please
Fredric Sannebro 09/10/19 11:35 flag comment
Not having this feature is definitely a deal-breaker for me
Mauricio Castro 10/10/19 22:52 flag comment
Grant Davis 16/10/19 15:27 flag comment
I need a crying and better angry (feet stomping, finger pointing)
Jeff Rosenkrans 20/10/19 19:35 flag comment
Fumie Toki 23/10/19 21:46 flag comment
Yes, I totally need the sad, angry, crying, worried etc. This is why I bought Toonly and am disappointed...
Darcie Kelly 28/10/19 03:46 flag comment
Yes I'm often trying to show how the character *feels* about the topic but they are almost always smiling. Often the point of a commercial is to show the transition from frustrated to happy so this would be a logical addition.
Andrei 30/10/19 19:10 flag comment
Yes please!
Gemma McFall 03/11/19 16:31 flag comment
Having at least a happy and sad facial expression would help when we are describing "Pain Points" of the prospect. In the script we are saying "The client has x,y,z pain" yet the video has them looking equally neutral before and after the solution is presented.
David 23/12/19 17:46 flag comment
Great idea, expresions on eyes ...
Suzette G. Spears 30/12/19 16:13 flag comment
I think this would be a great addition to the toonly characters! I completely agree with Sarah Xu about being able to stack actions, i.e. cry+sit or run+excited.
Peter van der Schee 30/12/19 20:28 flag comment
That would be great!
Eric Kung 05/01/20 12:21 flag comment
Its funny how CRYING is not an emotion Toonly needs to add this asap lol
Miroslav Sedlak 10/01/20 22:06 flag comment
It would help a lot.
Ayoub MOSLIH 17/01/20 14:36 flag comment
Anna Bonacorsi 23/01/20 11:32 flag comment
Essential to creation of characters in a story required to train on situations, and how to handle them.
Christian Funke 03/02/20 18:10 flag comment
Christian Funke 03/02/20 18:10 flag comment
Christian Funke 03/02/20 18:10 flag comment
Christian Funke 03/02/20 18:11 flag comment
Christian Funke 03/02/20 18:11 flag comment
Aaron Brinen 10/02/20 22:55 flag comment
Especially if the facial expressions were a choice within the action. For example: walking (fear, happy, angry, etc.). That way you can mix them.
miguel alejandro reyes sanchez 11/02/20 07:32 flag comment
es una excelente idea así sería mas completo el programa para los que pagamos la membrecia enterprice
Siew Lin 19/02/20 09:44 flag comment
♡ this idea - more emotions for the characters! quite limited as of now.
William Hebert 28/02/20 15:52 flag comment
Yes more expressions and ability to turn heads
Quek Wee Teck 03/03/20 02:02 flag comment
I thought this is supposed to be the most basic function
Julie 06/03/20 18:25 flag comment
Yes please!!
Daniel 30/03/20 10:01 flag comment
This is so much needed. The expressions available at the moment are way too limited for an effective usage, given the cartoon element is central to this type of animated videos. Please at least implement a sad/crying face, it's quite needed if you want to create a marketing video about problem solving
Dalel Sassine 03/04/20 01:53 flag comment
These need to be combined with some actions. Such as "sitting and crying" Can we add facial expressions AND and action to a character?
Jason Matthews 08/04/20 13:29 flag comment
The basic emotional expressions of joy, trust, surprise, anger, shock, fear, sadness, disgust, would be the ones that are most important to add. Some of the more complex emotions might be too difficult, given the detail of the toons. With these 8, you'd be able to do a lot!
Jiggs Sison 17/04/20 11:33 flag comment
This is what I need.
Maitri Lorenzo Ventura 18/04/20 22:13 flag comment
That would be great, because my field of work is about emotions!!
Howard Cooper 19/04/20 13:19 flag comment
Yes please
Arka De 20/04/20 05:45 flag comment
Pointing finger towards something is definitely required.
Tyler Pertree 28/04/20 00:38 flag comment
Allison Champion 01/05/20 15:09 flag comment
As a therapist, it would be great to have more emotions available. BUT specifically, I'd request being able to have an emotion WHILE also an action. i.e. angry while sitting, etc. ALSO to be able to trim on these settings. It's inconsistent to have someone being angry, then the default happy face pops on at the end of the action.
Amélie Favre Guittet 02/05/20 09:21 flag comment
Yeah, i'm ok with you. why is the "sheperd boy" entitled to several peculiarities that all the other characters do not have? The sheperd boy can crying, eating, be frustrated, laughing, pointing hand, reading, smiling, talking? Why can't others also have these characteristics?
Taewoo Koo 03/05/20 06:42 flag comment
This feature is really necessary
Christoph Högl 05/05/20 15:02 flag comment
Christoph Högl 05/05/20 15:12 flag comment
masanori goto 06/05/20 20:22 flag comment
i need it
Choong Zi Ying 06/05/20 23:48 flag comment
Rochelle Gray 12/05/20 14:39 flag comment
The characters need more basic emotions - angry on some of them looks happy. Can we please have crying, surprised, sad etc. It is really a vital missing piece for videos.
Rochelle Gray 12/05/20 14:41 flag comment
Sofia Benazzouz 14/05/20 11:34 flag comment
It's very important for me too, especially when they're doing other actions : Like working on Laptop + smiling Now they get angry when they work :D
Cindy Griffith-Bennett 14/05/20 20:49 flag comment
It would also be able to change the expression while the character is doing an action like sitting, waving, etc!
Ahnan Alex 19/05/20 02:27 flag comment
Hi, The idea of having the expressions such as happy, smiling, angry, mad, sad, crying, eye moving....etc. will greatly be needed in our daily videos. Hope these are made possible soon, thanks from Indonesia.
sasacans 27/05/20 00:12 flag comment
Ziad 27/05/20 04:24 flag comment
Yes facial expressions definitely open a whole new world for us animated explainer videos creators!
Michael Lapp 28/06/20 18:07 flag comment
Good idea
Claire Tan 29/05/20 10:04 flag comment
Jeff Hardy 01/06/20 21:15 flag comment
Need to apply expression while walking!
sean rusenstrom 10/06/20 02:55 flag comment
This is a great idea, it would add a lot of versatility.
rogel tura 10/06/20 09:05 flag comment
Please consider this idea!
Stéphan LIDY 14/06/20 14:32 flag comment
I paid Extra 97$ for this. So.... this not a request.
Kris Petersen 16/06/20 19:26 flag comment
Same as others, we upgraded thinking we would get "1000s and 1000s" of new animations. Facial expressions should be the minimum :-/
RamSoft Marketing 22/06/20 18:52 flag comment
This will totally boost the whole application. Please add expressions.
Stefan Sohst 24/06/20 08:01 flag comment
would be top, if the facial expression woud be an additional feature of the character besides the Movement