Dogs and Cats
I work with pets, specifically dogs and cats and would love to have more figures and environments that relate pets and pet services. Ie, Dog training, Veterinarians, daycare, boarding, grooming...etc. I'd like to create how to's and don't and instructional demos for clients and the community alike. Best, Dillion

Dillion Toscano shared this idea 24/03/19 03:19
Jennifer Kugler 25/03/19 20:58
I'm REALTOR and work primarily with pet owners so I use pets a lot in my advertising. Anything more having to do with pet services and pets themselves would be extremely helpful!
Sherry Lamberth 17/04/19 11:12
Juan Rodriguez 25/04/19 23:11
I own a Veterinary so It would be fantastic to have more pets related features.
Sara Scott 03/05/19 19:29
Yes, please. I'm a trainer. I'm trying to make instructional videos. Could use dogs standing, sitting, lying down. A woman in a jogging type suit who has what looks like a fanny pack on (training pouch), a leash somehow, and even a clicker. (See clickertraining.com if you don't know what those are. ) Other helpful images: Dog in bathtub, barking, angry, babies (children and dogs). Thanks so much for the considerations.
Tracy Gum 04/06/19 09:57
small fluffy dogs please... make them look very cute and would be great in grooming positions before and after pics as well... before they are clipped and after so they look even more cute... very rare to find a cute small breed dog that has long fur... most tend to be short haired breeds... no good for a dog groomer Happy to send photos so you know the breeds I am talking about... eg toy poodles shitzu Pomeranians
Daryl Monnink 05/06/19 12:34
If we could get animal characters with walking and baking/meowing actions as well as begging, jumping, and doing tricks that would be great!
Justine Cornelius 21/06/19 21:59
Yes please guys - a range of domestic animal characters would be great, but absolutely dogs and cats a minimum would be awesome! It's not only a natural part of a family environment, but useful for niche work as well.
Gregg Bernhardt 06/07/19 20:11
Pet CHARACTERS are a definite, as are some more backgrounds like vet's office, training room, groomer, dog park etc.
Raeyna Longtin 13/07/19 10:32
yes please!! I am a veterinarian and this is a key piece of what I am looking for in this software.
Shane Longtin 13/07/19 14:19
These could even just be objects rather than characters, as long as there is a range of variations for each "type" - like large dog sitting, standing, running, lying down, etc.
Max Peshev 15/07/19 11:42
Yes, animated cats and dogs please! really need them
danielle sims 27/07/19 17:53
Yes, please!
Melanie Moore 28/07/19 19:31
Please can we have cats as characters? So instead of a cat as an object the cat can perform actions such as walking or jumping. Something to add a bit of comedy or life to a scene.
Cindy Correa 01/08/19 08:43
I also need pets for pet related business applications. Dogs, Cats, birds and fish! Thanks!
Hecsil Martinez Pacheco 16/08/19 23:09
Que los animales puedan moverse. Por lo menos caminar, sentarse, acostarse.
Olesia Studenets Christodoulou 20/12/19 12:31
Please consider rescue points of dogs and cats, shelters, donations and whatever can be thought on these themes
Esha Palvie 15/04/20 04:27
Anna M. van Heeckeren 09/05/20 19:32
I’m a veterinarian and would love dogs and cats added to help raise funds for our nonprofit to make veterinary care more affordable for low-income pet parents. Also, add veterinary staff - we wear what human doctor staff members and dentists wear.
Tannis Martin 20/05/20 08:09
I own and operate a pet care business. Having dogs and cats with some expression would be great.
Kristine Castillo 10/07/20 10:30
Yes to this please. I'm planning to create videos to promote adopting strays and supporting / volunteering at animal shelters. I hope the pets can also have basic expressions such as being happy / sad.
Brian Trammo 20/06/20 20:08
I would find this useful too. I make educational videos. a lot of the them have too do with animals. If these can have some basic animations it would be even better.
Dan Ashurst 20/09/21 16:30
I work for a public health office that brings in therapy dogs for college students. We would also love to see dogs as "characters" that are animated, with animations such as "running," "jumping," "barking," "sitting," etc.
Kristina Rogers 09/07/21 00:46
yes please, I would like a few dog and cat choices. Tails wagging, chasing a toy, walking, on a leash and walking, eating food
AnneMette Vendelbo 29/10/20 11:37
As a dogtrainer I am very much in need of this Status is "considered" but how willow knows thes is going to happen? Is there any way to get an update?
Dian Schellekens 05/10/20 13:14
Dennis Ruf 15/10/20 08:09
would be great if the cat or dog would lipsinc - I would also appreciate such actions with horses am involved on the veterinary side offering an alternative product to help healing