Character Customization
I would love to be able to customize or create characters and motions for them. I think it would be great if we had more control over the creation of content. We could also submit content that could be adopted for other users to use. I think at the very minimum, we should be able to change outfits on all of the characters. There should be an option of premade outfits like winter wear, summer wear, casual, business, Wedding etc... With the click of a button we should be able to choose an outfit. If possible, there could be an outfit designer where we can customize an outfit and save it for later use.

Alex Baker shared this idea 10/04/19 14:06
Geren Clifton Ambrose 03/05/19 18:38
I like the customization ideas, especially concerning character creation.
Leah Williams 07/05/19 15:17
PLEASE upgrade the African American characters to include skirts/dresses, head coverings, and braids/dreadlocks. It would be nice to see this for Asian characters, too. Thank you!
Jan Noot 28/05/19 11:12
I think the ability to change / customize characters is really needed. Currently, almost all created videos are lookalikes with the same persons waving, holding phones etc. At least having the possibility of changing the color of hair, skin, clothes would help.
Mia Ponzo 15/06/19 15:09
Yes... changing colors of skin, hair, etc. would be perfect. :) Also... clothing colors :)
Bernadette Raftery 29/07/19 20:36
It would be nice to integrate character's outfits, hair color. In other words, overlay one with a hat with another who has shorts and another with a polo outfit. Then to be able to change the colors, change hair, eyes, mouth, height, weight, etc.
Jose Figarella 08/08/19 04:02
Characters need more clothing options for business or marriage, pool or beach, Wedding. Move or remove glasses.
Love love love this idea! It could absolutely follow a typical "build your character" process. With features to customise face, hair (colour, texture, style, length) complexion, accessories (glasses, hats etc). Especially adore the idea for a "shared library" for users to submit and adopt content. Seriously hoping Toonly decides to work on this!
JenEece Phillips 28/11/19 10:42
This suggestion should be merged with this one https://www.toonly.com/requests/home/idea/100/character-creation-mode
JenEece Phillips 28/11/19 10:43
Can we at minimum get an update on this feature? It has the most votes on the requests page and was suggested over six months ago. Toonly has a limited character base and this is even more narrow when you look at race and gender (which is a little offensive). This lack of diversity makes this wonderful app nearly useless to individuals who serve certain demographics. While Toonly states that it takes time to build more characters - it would do much more for the tool if Toonly used their time to give us the tools to essentially build our own characters by changing basic things such as skin tone and hair color at a very minimum, and perhaps the ability to change clothes. As it is now, many of us don't have the diversity in characters we need for our business and all of our videos look alike. If you need a black professional woman, you only have one choice. Not cool! Its time for Toonly to make some headway on this.
Daniel Nehemia 03/12/19 12:27
Daniel Nehemia 03/12/19 12:28
Character Customization is vrey important!
KLM 02/01/20 05:08
Please consider adding; very much needed
Jesse Afolabi 26/01/20 11:04
Yes, this is a very important feature....my target demographic is Nigeria as I run an organization focused on serving the Nigerian demographic in which case I need characters that are representative of the extremely diverse culture. Certainly, having you creating custom characters for just about every possible use-case I may have will be daunting for you to say the least in which case the ability to edit faces (including mouth, nose, eyes) hair (low cut, dreads, braids) every possible variable, as well as the ability to create custom clothing for these different cultures and have them saved to be reused later. That'd be great! Thanks!
Matt Genevieve 02/02/20 09:32
We‘d like to use a Memoji style editor to tweak the characters. If I can make characters look like our actual presenters, they’ll be happier / an easy sell if we want to use toonly to create ondemand workshops and presentations. This seems obvious and unfortunately lacking.
Abdullah Hawez 21/08/20 20:38
That would really really good
Suway Blaylock 12/08/20 14:35
This would absolutely be amazing! If we had the ability to customize the characters as stated above with the click of a button for the shades/colors available for each option: skin color, body type, hair color/style: hair down, in a bun, ponytail, braid, spiked, combover, clothing options: tops: tanks, tshirt, long sleeve, jackets, Hoodies, bottoms: shorts, capris, leggings/jeans, dresses, suits. Shoes: barefoot, sneakers, heels, sandals/slides/flip flops, Boots: ankle/ mid/tall/work boots... maybe even some extra accessories: bows, scarves, watches, hats (baseball/SnapBack/beanies/ etc..), bicycle helmet, motorcycle helmet.. etc. I believe if these were options, everyone could really take their Toony to the next level being able to showcase the time of year/weather or work/daily activities specifically according to their wardrobes would really be beneficial.
Thomas Graham 06/08/20 11:02
Being able to change characters facial expressions would be great, we have noticed that the characters with lighter skin seem to look happier which sends the complete wrong message
Ritesh Kumar 30/07/20 06:53
Yes, I agree with that we have very limited characters. toonly have to improve or add on some animation or character customization features. Please support this and upvote this... i am facing issue please
Allison Coleman 01/07/20 02:20
Customising character traits should be available. As vector items, setting colors based on hex code should be possible. Additional motions or prebuilt items would be terrific.
Alex Bridger 20/04/21 12:08
I think instead of several characters wearing different clothes, there should be a built-in character maker that will allow users to change the hair color, hair style, skin tone, eye color and attire of the character. All Toonly competitors (Vyond, Animaker) have this functionality and Toonly should implement it, too.
Holger Möller 01/12/20 09:54
Color customization would be a veeery important feature, cause every of our customers have their own corporate design and actually I have this request from one of my customers. And I totally understand this request from my customers. Thank you!!
James a Dinonno 02/11/20 21:18
Yes I concur! Some type of robe or tunic attire for characters BCE would be hugely helpful.
Michael Nickel 24/10/20 16:09
I like to second this idea. It would be a very useful feature in the enterprise edition, if one could adjust both, skin and hair color and at least cloths color. Plus, it would add more flexibility to the useability of characters, if the defining accessories of some characters (e.g. the camera of the female photographer) could be turned on/off and if the clothing style could be changes. For example, the female photographer is different from many other female charecters with respect to her her, but the camera makes the use of her character a bit bizzare in some circumstances. So, a wonderful character is being very much limited to a restricted set of situations ...
jesus maria anton 28/09/20 18:54
I would like to suggest, something easy for users would be to be able to change the clothes of the characters with a color palette or even if the user wishes to be able to drag a texture for the character's clothes are two ideas.