Marketplace for customisation
Hi Team, Would love somewhere to go to request customised characters. Whether provided by Toonly or others. Then we could have characters created like ourselves for example for specialised campaigns. Understand this would be an extra cost but if it cost less than $50 to be done, would be happy to pay that. Would also like a crowd of people, it might only b e 3-5 people but we can duplicate. If they could be seen to be walking, running and maybe cheering, that would be fantastic. Also animals that move too. Thanks Toonly Team - your kicking goals!

Esther Anderson shared this idea 24/03/19 02:29
Urte Kumlehn 27/03/19 07:15 flag comment
These are two good requests in one. Hope the character group request part gets not overlooked.
Jenni 30/03/19 04:24 flag comment
Yes please! Signed, a purple-haired business owner. Haha! ;)
Matthew Lyons 30/03/19 20:51 flag comment
GREAT idea! I'm out of votes, but this would be awesome!
Tanveer ul Islam 05/04/19 17:21 flag comment
yes, at times there are specialized campaigns/videos for which special characters are required. Custom character creation services will provide more freedom to use Toonly
Stuart Pullar 24/04/19 03:17 flag comment
Great idea - hopefully the addition of a full character editor would reduce the need for this specific customisation but for the creation of new classes of characters this would be great.
rafael rodrigues santos 27/07/19 16:11 flag comment
I totally agree. I don't care if I have to pay extra cash, but giving the ability to customize characters would be fantastic
Bernadette Raftery 29/07/19 20:30 flag comment
I agree, sorry, unfortunately, the 3 White American Males just do not meet the goal I have. It would be nice if characters were diverse according to weight, height, color, glasses, no glasses, types of hair, etc. I need a middle aged male, stalky, with short brown hair and glasses in polo, khakis and has the look of a realtor. ;)
Nimble Aurestila Hinoyog 18/11/19 11:07 flag comment
so expensive $2 less would be good hahaha.
Any Nguyen 11/12/19 02:40 flag comment
I'm ready to pay more for that, but please with all the nice movements. A place to request new movements is also very useful.
Uzma Hamid 04/01/20 03:23 flag comment
This!!! The use I have in mind requires a personalized character. None of the existing characters even come close. I will, unfortunately, not be using the software until I can have a custom character :(
Melissa Coleman 15/02/20 21:33 flag comment
I would love to see either the ability to have a custom character made or the ability to upload a character purchased on a stock site to animate. Then you could have a character that looks like you. I actually can't see being able to use the software for what I was hoping to use if for without this feature. So I'll just be waiting to see what happens.
Melissa Coleman 15/02/20 21:52 flag comment
I know that it's possible to have a custom character creator because Vyond has it but it's much more expensive. I imagine it would take a lot of development time though so understand if it's not in the cards for awhile. I'll probably play with this software to get the ideas I want down and then purchase Vyond when I'm further down the road, if the custom character feature just can't happen.
sasacans 27/05/20 00:12 flag comment