Move objects using arrow keys
it would be nice to be able to move objects using the arrow keys, like in Doodly, to allow more accurate placement.

Regan shared this idea 07/04/19 07:19
Deborah Williamson 27/04/19 16:18
I absolutely need this feature. It is so difficult for me to get objects in the precise spot with the mouse because I shake. This would save me a ton of time fiddling with the mouse. The mouse is not always very accurate.
Panagiota Florou Georgaki 09/02/20 19:44
Yes, this feature is important for placing objects more precisely
Dennis Devine 02/07/20 05:42
This would be VERY useful!
[email protected] 11/06/20 09:55
This would be a great feature
Maureen Beardman 14/07/21 14:17
This would be a GREAT feature and very helpful!