Older characters
It is great there is so much ethnic diversity, but there really needs to be diversity of age groups. Really need people over the 65 across the same ethnic groups. Currently there aren't any.

Dale Park shared this idea 06/04/19 00:50
Olivia Jewell 19/04/19 22:36
I would like different ages. I am trying to use it for family history story telling and I need a diversity of ages from baby to grandparents, and even extra old people to be great grandparents.
Craig Brain 02/05/19 19:51
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:40
Sarita 27/12/19 23:00
Totally agreed--modern older characters, say women with white hair, but still modern (not grannies). Thank you!!
Scott Levy 06/04/20 14:44
there's an old man, but not an old woman!
Randal 20/05/20 13:42
Yes! We need older women!!! Grey Hair!!!
Admin 29/06/21 07:10
This can now be achieved by customizing character colors - https://support.toonly.com/en/support/solutions/articles/35000154832-can-i-customize-my-toonly-characters-
Aaron Maguire 24/06/21 02:14
Yes please.