music, text blocks, hyperlinks?
1) I think it would be great to be able to fade the music at the end of a video 2) To be able to type a block of text and not have to do it one line at a time if you want to type a paragraph. 3) Not sure if it would be possible to include a hyperlink directly in video......or at least on a final screen? Other than these few things, I did my first video today and had fun playing with the program! Soooooooo much more to learn :)

Debby Jones shared this idea 24/03/19 01:00
Daryl Monnink 05/06/19 12:33 flag comment
Definitely need a block of text. These one liners are killing me. Also possibly greater scope for font size. Sometimes it's still too big.
Melanie Moore 28/07/19 19:38 flag comment
Adding hyperlinks would be great.
Jeremy Moon 02/08/19 01:49 flag comment
Multi lines of text would be very helpful.
Ali 27/09/19 23:11 flag comment
Raphaela Spitaler 12/11/19 15:19 flag comment
I'd love the multi-lines of text and the possibility for a backround behind the lines. Just a solid color or even better - if possible - a feature where you can adjust transparancy!
Jose Castellon 27/11/19 17:59 flag comment
Definitely want to be able to write blocks of text with the ability to align (left, center, right). Hyperlinks can't be added to videos, that really depends on what platform you are posting the videos to. This used to be possible on FLASH VIDEOS, but this standard is no longer in use.
Steve Bocher 02/01/20 21:31 flag comment
Multiple lines of text, please! These are explainer videos after all