Animation: characters talking
Add an animation for characters to talk (without phone). Would allow for conversations, narration, and many uses to improve the program. Thank you!

Christine Dunbar shared this idea 05/04/19 14:29
Jonn Kutyla 05/04/19 14:40
I really need this feature. I don't even need lip sync, just an option to look like someone is having a conversation with someone else.
LISA T VU 25/04/19 23:51
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:36
Yes, this is also important to me.
Nick 07/05/19 11:24
This feature would be so useful. I can't believe there isn't an animation for it already.
Nathan Labogen 23/05/19 03:45
I know there's a lot of requests being made, I also am in need of this cool feature from you guys. If there's a way that you could even remove the phone from the character's face, that would be perfect. Thank you for your time.
Magali Barthère 23/05/19 08:00
Kay Duah 25/05/19 03:45
hey check this out my son helped me make a characters mouth move. Didn't take us long he created a mouth gif and he put it in the scene https://youtu.be/-4K9Sjf5aLU I think he can add hair and other things too but I wish it all came with this.
Jay Clemons 25/05/19 18:31
A great feature so that it looks more "real" when having a conversation, even on a phone.
Abdullah Hawez 30/05/19 02:35
This is an essential feature that would massively improve the program.
Chaitanya Bhosle 30/05/19 05:28
Totally agree with Jonn Kutyla. Will help get a lot of videos done and save on unnecessary shoot costs
Jaime AG 31/05/19 14:41
This is a must-have feature for me too! It should be included by default in every character. Thanks
Bill Cimbrelo 01/06/19 13:29
Good one!
Michael Saddi 02/06/19 17:20
This is a definite necessity. Another cool option would be one where they are holding a microphone, or are in front of a podium. Basically, something where they look like they are delivering a speech
Daryl Monnink 05/06/19 12:38
Please this is probably the most important and most noticeable thing missing at this point.
Anne Carter 05/06/19 14:29
All my ideas for explainer videos include narratives with conversation between the characters. Characters not being able to talk is just limiting for me. Is there any way to add the feature of moving mouths that could be overlaid on any character? Or whatever needed to make characters talk. :)
eric 07/06/19 16:12
VERY NEEDED - needs to be for standing and sitting positions.
Marshall Dean Whitaker 07/06/19 21:23
I am with all of you. The ability to have a moving mouth on a chatacter without the phone is crucial to most of what I am trying to do.
Fajar Mukti 07/06/19 22:23
Great idea. Character talking while facing front, facing left/right, and sitting.
Vincent Mims 26/06/19 03:00
I need characters to look like they are teaching a class or interacting with a flip chart. Even just standing there moving their mouth and hands slightly towards the left or right. I would love to see an animation like this very soon. Thanks!
Officers IAS Academy 04/07/19 04:25
Officers IAS Academy 04/07/19 04:25
This feature would be so useful. I can't believe there isn't an animation for it already.
Pascal 09/07/19 19:24
Pro Idea on top of this idea: Lips will move according how loud you speak. This is some basic lipp sync :-)
pravin jadhav 13/07/19 17:54
The character should look like as if he is speaking/talking. If possible Lip-syncing will be a great
Elena Gorshkova 14/07/19 09:42
Please, add this feature. Your ad on Facebook says: "You can use Toonly to enhance your: - Advertising Quality - Courses and Trainings - Sales Videos - Customer Support - Storytelling" But without characters talking animation "Courses and Trainings" and "Storytelling" are very hard to do because courses, trainings and storytellings can not be without talking teacher animations and animated conversations between characters.
eric 18/07/19 02:31
Some really great ideas here for more advanced animation than just the mouth moving. BUT - please consider phasing this in. First - the ability for the mouth to move like talking, then add more functionality in the future. Need at least the basic mouth moving, talking, now.
Cory Choy 09/08/19 16:47
Would very much want this feature as well-- to be honest without it I'm not sure this product is even useful for me... considering asking for a refund.
John Sigurdsson 12/08/19 03:49
Yes add this in please. It is the main issue by far that I have come across
Mandeep Choudhary 16/08/19 10:45
Must need this feature
Darin Metzler 17/08/19 14:31
This is a very important feature to me. And I was reminded when I saw multiple explainer videos talking to the importance of accessibility where narration form a character had a significant impact in the presentation.
Andrew James Zosimo 22/08/19 01:20
Priyo Nayak 26/08/19 16:41
Yes.. It will be great
Pushpendra Chauhan 13/09/19 08:19
This is a very important feature. I saw multiple explainer videos talking to the importance of accessibility where narration form a character had a significant impact in the presentation.
Anne Margarette Antonio 21/10/19 03:49
I ditto this. Just made a similar request. Please let us support this idea. Thank you.
Christine Stahl 09/01/20 18:01
I sincerely agree. I notice these comments are from a while ago. is this close to being updated?
Anna Bonacorsi 23/01/20 11:31
Any update to this feature...? I am currently building a video to use for training, and it's very limiting with what's available now, It seems that some of the characters have been updated since I joined a week ago, so keep those updates coming please!!
CARRIE ALBIN 20/02/20 13:22
Is the ability for characters to face each other and talk going to be added anytime soon? I just signed up for Toonly and being that I can't have the characters face each other and have a dialogue pretty much makes the software useless for all the types of videos I create. I have less than 30 days before I need to return it. Can you even tell me if this is something that is on the list of things to update? Or should I just return it now?
Jill Zablocki 24/02/20 15:44
You can use lip sync and turn the volume down to zero. Then you have full control over when the mouth moves.
Jesica Jeong 07/03/20 23:31
I also don't even need the characters to lip sync. I just need it to look like they're having a conversation, and then I would definitely purchase the Enterprise plan.
Lim Sing Mah 10/03/20 09:45
Is have the characters talking ?
philip calvin 10/04/20 03:23
This is a great idea. Alternatively, could the voiceover function be a stand-alone action that could be applied in conjunction with other actions? ie. I would like my character to lip-sync while walking.
Pham Tuan Minh 14/04/20 04:20
Nice. I need it
Taewoo Koo 03/05/20 06:46
I thought same thing. This will bring many many dollors to Brad and us
Rochelle Gray 12/05/20 14:45
It really makes creating content difficult when characters 'can't talk to each other'
JUNE OKANOYA 17/05/20 05:21
I have the same demands as him! Many users will create presentation videos. So I hope each character talking or speaking while they act something. Please make to set the double or triple setting action for each character, especially lip-sync with action.
Kamlesh Nigam 14/09/20 08:53
Please add this feature. This is must in Explainer type video.
AlexChan 27/07/20 18:47
Before I buy toonly, I thought talking is the base animation/effect for the characters......
Vickie Larrivee 19/07/20 23:01
I need this too!
Christian Sänger 02/06/20 16:36
You can actually bypass the limitations of talking by choosing the "lip sync" movement, talking some blabla through the microphone, link the lip sync to that record and set the volume of the audio record to 0. But you are absolutely right, this should be much easier.
Rayhanul Islam 21/06/20 15:33
Rayhanul Islam 21/06/20 15:33
Haroon Atif 01/05/21 16:36
Talking characters! Much needed for dialog style videos.
Varun Luthra 24/04/21 07:23
all characters facing front on camera.. Instead, they should face each other to looks like real conversations.
Kamlesh Nigam 24/04/21 06:35
If Characters can’t talk to each other, how Explainer Video is made? This will help get a lot of videos done in a single day, so we can sell and earn. This is a must-have feature for Explainer Videos. It should be included by default in every character. (LIP SYNC NOT REQUIRED) Thanks
yajif faouzi 11/04/21 19:06
I would really love this suggestion.
Kewl 28/03/21 22:41
Yes! just plain talking. Doesn't have to be doing anything wild. Just general talking. Lol
Luis Jiménez 10/02/21 23:15
Yes! that'll be great
Lindsay Foyle 23/01/21 14:38
The ability to lip-synch at the same time as performing another action would be very useful.
Laurel Sunderman 30/11/20 22:22
Being able to show characters talking to each other is essential.
Shevon Lim 29/09/20 12:35
Oh yes! So far, I'm making do by having speech bubbles making it look like they're talking.
Nagesh 26/09/20 21:34
yes talking with hand movements