Add MP4 Videos to the Timeline
I understand that I can use a gif creator to turn mp4 videos into video gifs to add to the timeline. I'd like to be able to add mp4 videos as well.

Katrina Joseph shared this idea 05/04/19 09:34
Alin Turi 02/05/19 05:42
Yes , that will be a good idea
Navnath thorat 02/05/19 18:22
Good idea
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:38
Rick Alan 27/05/19 22:10
This app won't be fully functional until we can add video, period.
Danny van Rijt 12/06/19 09:30
That would definitely boost possibilities
Dennis Kamprad 09/07/19 19:37
This would also allow us to easily combine doodly and toonly when uploading the doodly video as a background!
Glam Alt 21/07/19 02:15
This would be really helpful and add a whole new dimension to Toonly. We would be able to combine animated characters into real life scenarios, a feature that as far as I know is not available in any other software. At the moment we have to use additional editors and the result is less than perfect.
Stefan Finke 25/07/19 12:15
This would surely improve the workflow.
Jose Figarella 08/08/19 03:53
great feature!
Mandeep Choudhary 16/08/19 10:55
Jeet Karia 13/09/19 13:29
This is a basic requirement, Please can this be implemented so that as a user I dont have to use third party apps to join videos together.
Milo 19/09/19 12:41
Please do so (as object?) ! I want to insert a video so it looks like the phone or computer is doing something :)
MIN REN ADRIAN LU 04/11/19 01:42
please do that for standard accounts as well, this is a key feature, it would enable us to do so much more within toonly! I REALLLY NEED IT
Ole Jeppesen 11/11/19 14:50
YES, please add this feature!
David Delgado Hernandez 17/12/19 21:36
Great add
Valeria Cora 19/12/19 04:55
This is an essential feature!
Keith Padin 09/01/20 21:09
YES, so helpful with teaching videos especially!
Crates 13/01/20 20:30
It's been eight months... let's make this hotly-requested feature a reality!
Sorina 21/02/20 07:25
Oh, that would amazing!!!
Tung Yuen Wah 28/02/20 08:32
Agree. This feature is highly important to commercial animation for app & slideshow demonstration.
Sheraz Harris 04/03/20 22:04
Really great idea, as we could embed product videos in to our cartoons. What would the timeframe be?
Todd McDonald 28/03/20 19:50
I would like to add my own intro to my toonly...without having to export and then use a video software to merge the two together!
Daniel 30/03/20 10:04
This is an essential feature for anyone who wants to use Toonly for brand and product marketing.
Naru 11/04/20 04:29
YAAAS for this, please!
Ginouchka Eugene 18/04/20 16:39
yes, true need to be able to add Mp4, MOV and AVI to make Toonly great again lol! and also check my idea about Replace any objects with same layer and timing and animation. I need this URGENT to make my business go faster
Maitri Lorenzo Ventura 18/04/20 22:15
i´m new here. I thought it was already possible. So, if it´s not, please help with this
Jed Cahill 24/04/20 09:59
Will allow us to create much richer envirnments
Amélie Favre Guittet 02/05/20 09:24
good idea !
Sofia Benazzouz 14/05/20 11:37
It would be very helpful at it will allow for example to see different steps for an app. I really need it.
Nigel Collins 17/05/20 22:04
That would be useful.
Jonathan Ruiz 12/09/20 15:15
I was thinking of using this tool for some internal training videos in my company. I already upgraded to enterprise to make sure I get the most out of Toonly, so now I'm just waiting for you guys to implement this. By the way, I'm already loving this tool, looking forward to all the future enhancements!
Gabriel Dumeng 03/09/20 03:24
I use it with premiere and it works great just have to do alot of back and fourth
Alicia Thomas-Woolf 25/08/20 12:39
Love this! Please make this happen!
Yousef Abugosh 27/07/20 12:14
Ernesto Montoya 05/06/21 14:51
It is a must, I assumed it already had de option, it's a shame it don't
Renatho Siqueira 14/05/21 11:00
Wow, man... With the timeline tools in Toonly, this ideia WILL BE GREAT! We can make STUNNING Promo videos and Marketing Videos... Please, make it happens
Aneliya Gikinska 16/05/21 14:38
This will be very helpful
minxing wang 12/01/21 00:37
It is really very good idea :)
Math Notermans 14/12/20 09:09
Mp4's is great, but rather have also movs. Mainly because these can have an alpha channel and thus some more options.
Adriana Torres 09/11/20 04:30
si, seria muy bueno