Linux version
A port to Linux (Ubuntu) would be great.. Windows is expensive, unreliable and wastes system resources.

Albert Bowen shared this idea 24/03/19 00:47
Isaac Ayetoro 27/06/19 11:14
Yes, I will appreciate this integration as well, as I am linux user. But at the moment I am using Wine to load the Toonly on my Ubuntu. The problem I face while using on my Ubuntu is that, there is no sound for music and voiceover when I preview but when I export the video, there is sound, so it is difficult to test
Jacques 09/03/20 07:23
Linux is the most stable operating system that I've ever used and now only use along with the cloud. I would like to offer this service to my clients.
Stanislav Savickii 29/04/20 18:29
Hey-hey just think about this real situation: - I'm a developer - I'm working on a startup - I don't have a team, so I likely don't have a designer (I even would say in 90% cases I'm the only one!) - So I do everything! - At some point, I decided to promote my startup and I've found that super cool thing like Toonly that might be used by someone like me (I'm not a professional animator/designer right?) - Do you still remember that I'm a developer? And I use Mac or Linux in 90% cases! (at least every company I worked proves this fact) So there are a lot of people like me and everyone uses Mac or Linux, just a lot of startupers! Do you know what I mean? :) You can reach this people faster with Linux solution, think about it!
taoufiq ben 19/07/20 14:43
I installed toonly on ubuntu with wine, and to activate the audio on the preview you must change the audio to ALSA https://askubuntu.com/a/77282
catpussies 30/05/21 14:35
already bought and trying install toonly through crossover premium. Sadly, it goes blank dark when running toonly. I though toonly apps running many libraries in background. I hope toonly team could concern about linux platform. I'm lecturer which explain students to use toonly. most of them use linux, but if like this.. well im so desperate
GIna Mindock 25/10/20 17:26
Please make a version that works on Linux. I am new to this operating system and have found it to be quite stable and fast. I think it is the future.
Michael W Krier 21/10/20 03:42
I have 11 people here on linux workstations. We don't (and will never) run macos or windows.