Linux version
A port to Linux (Ubuntu) would be great.. Windows is expensive, unreliable and wastes system resources.

Albert Bowen shared this idea 24/03/19 00:47
Isaac Ayetoro 27/06/19 11:14 flag comment
Yes, I will appreciate this integration as well, as I am linux user. But at the moment I am using Wine to load the Toonly on my Ubuntu. The problem I face while using on my Ubuntu is that, there is no sound for music and voiceover when I preview but when I export the video, there is sound, so it is difficult to test
Jacques 09/03/20 07:23 flag comment
Linux is the most stable operating system that I've ever used and now only use along with the cloud. I would like to offer this service to my clients.
Stanislav Savickii 29/04/20 18:29 flag comment
Hey-hey just think about this real situation: - I'm a developer - I'm working on a startup - I don't have a team, so I likely don't have a designer (I even would say in 90% cases I'm the only one!) - So I do everything! - At some point, I decided to promote my startup and I've found that super cool thing like Toonly that might be used by someone like me (I'm not a professional animator/designer right?) - Do you still remember that I'm a developer? And I use Mac or Linux in 90% cases! (at least every company I worked proves this fact) So there are a lot of people like me and everyone uses Mac or Linux, just a lot of startupers! Do you know what I mean? :) You can reach this people faster with Linux solution, think about it!
sasacans 27/05/20 00:12 flag comment