Minority Characters
I recently purchased Toonly Enterprise and I have plans to buy both Doodly and Voomly. I use your program to create financial book cartoons recasting the main characters with minorities. However there are not enough black, hispanic, asian, and middle eastern characters to create the cartoons I wish. I am including a list of characters I would like you to add Toonly. African American, Hispanic, Asian Male and Female Firefighter, Paramedic, Police Officer, Soldier, Nurse, Doctors, farmers, shepherds, artisan African American, Hispanic, and Asian babies More African American, Hispanic, and Asian business professionals Multiple middle eastern Men and Women in traditional clothing for Richest Man in Babylon, The Greatest Salesman in the World cartoons Older African American, Hispanic, and Asian characters While these are a few specifics, I would appreciate seeing an overall increase diversity because I market specifically to minorities. Sincerely, Denae Calmes

Denae Calmes shared this idea 23/05/20 22:19