Upload custom Backgrounds to Backgrounds
Upload custom Backgrounds to Backgrounds

Gad Amer shared this idea 23/03/19 15:47
Veronica Nisenbaum 25/03/19 21:57
May be this can be achieved by uploading a Custom Object?
Steve 27/03/19 15:00
Andrew Carter 27/03/19 17:38
Brilliant idea.
My Sovann 01/04/19 07:39
Love this feaure
Nicolas Radcliffe 07/04/19 12:23
Yes please we would love that as well :)
Martha Cichelli 08/04/19 19:40
This would really help me.
Sovann 17/04/19 11:53
Must have feature
Michael C Taylor 18/04/19 01:36
I need to be able to upload backgrounds of offices and conference rooms beyond those currently provided. Thanks for considering this enhancement.
Morgan Woroner 18/04/19 16:43
Being able to upload my own backgrounds would be so helpful.
Daniel Acuna 23/04/19 12:41
A must!
Deborah Williamson 24/04/19 02:56
This would be a wonderful option!!!
Mark Slocombe 04/05/19 11:24
tried to use upload object but it has stopped working in v1.1.1
Karen Loftus 06/05/19 22:42
Hui-Yi Chen 28/05/19 14:50
Would be great if along with the development, the custom background would snap to the full size of the canvas and allow us to crop as needed as well
[email protected] 06/06/19 01:02
[email protected] 06/06/19 01:02
I need custom background
[email protected] 06/06/19 01:05
I need more office people, business ideas, sports and for events images
Niral Sura 14/08/19 06:40
Hi, We can add the custom background but how to adjust it as my background is going out of the frame. What is the exact size of the background to use it properly? Thanks
Mandeep Choudhary 16/08/19 10:46
mohsen eltonsy 18/08/19 18:15
Love this feaure
Nicholas Aboagye 19/03/20 08:01
How can i upload custum to a character chosen
Rossel Onayan 13/06/20 05:32